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SUMMARY: Mr. Yiannakou has been designing bridal fashion for over thirty years. His gowns represent elegance, tradition and romance, as well as a soft fashionable awareness. They are detailed using embroidery, hand-beaded laces and silk. This designer combines modern materials with intricate decorations and creates bridal gowns that are unique and personal. Mr. Yiannakou designs all the gowns without the help of assistants, so his creative vision is reflected in each gown. The gowns can found in Belle Vie on Oak Street in Chicago, the Bride, David’s Bridal locations, Arnella’s Bridal,,,,, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Eden Bridals and Links to search results for this brand can be found below:

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Buy Sheepskin Slippers

Author: Pan Georgiou

In the heart of winter there is nothing more relaxing, luxurious and warming than slipping your feet into a nice pair of slippers after a hard day at work. And there are no warmer slippers than a pair of quality sheepskin slippers.

We rely on our feet for so much we often neglect them and forget they need our attention too. Even in a mild winter, and sometimes on a cool summer evening, feet get cold. And how they dislike being cold!

Feet also like to be fashion conscious. So what better way to wrap them up snug and warm than in a nice fitting comfy pair of sheepskin slippers?

So Why Choose Sheepskin? Sheepskin has been used by man-kind for thousands of years to keep them warm, but our ancestors did not just use sheepskin because is felt good and was convenient, as more and more people now realise sheepskin has special qualities that other natural materials do not possess.

Sheepskin is a very unique and versatile material. It has a low heat exchange rate, which means it is not affected by outside temperatures.

The fur is joined in a way that it maintains its temperature regardless of its surroundings temperature.

Sheepskin is naturally thermostatic thus keeping bare feet close to your natural body temperature regardless of the temperature outside

Sheepskin is a naturally thermostatic material. This means that while you\'re wearing sheepskin, it\'s automatically regulating your body temperature throughout the day. Because of this sheepskin footwear can be worn all year round.

Sheepskin also absorbs moisture twice as well as cotton. The moisture circulates through the fur, eventually evaporating completely, allowing the product to remain dry.

Since the material is extremely absorbent, it eliminates body odour created by sweat and oils excreted by the human body. It is also anti-bacterial. The sheepskin rejects dirt particles and keeps itself clean.

Sheepskin is soft, warm, and very comfortable to wear. It does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. It provides warmth during the winter and cool ventilation during the summer.  The lanolin in sheepskin is similar to that found in human skin allowing it to help heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.

Sheepskin slippers are beautifully snug, letting your precious feet breath and warming your toes when they get cold.  Do not get fooled by some of the cheaper slippers in the market that use either synthetic lining or even lambs-wool lining.  Neither of these materials will give you the benefits that real sheepskin does nor will the lining be as durable as real sheepskin.

Don\'t be disappointed this winter, ensure you buy real sheepskin slippers from Morlands Sheepskiin.



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