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SUMMARY: This is a New York-based designer who was a magazine illustrator and painter before he started his career in fashion. He uses this background to inspire and influence him in creating a innovative clothing line. He viewed the world with a graphic perspective which eventually lead to best sellers. His studio has developed a distinct brand, styling and pricing strategy for each product category and target consumer. The Artffulliving collection is designed for the independent thinker to design and customize personal style as a life inspiration. The Works collection is a denim inspired collection designed for function and style. His brands are supported through local fashion shows, public relations events. National advertising, and local advertising. One can look for this label at better department stores and specialty stores in the USA and Canada. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Say Exactly What You Want With Loose Diamonds

Author: Brian M

So you\'re looking into purchasing loose diamonds for that special piece of jewelry. What should you keep in mind to make the most of your purchase? Always good advice is to pay attention to the cut, color, carat, and clarity of each diamond as each of these points will ensure that every diamond is accurately priced and suitable for jewelry setting. In addition to these, you should pay special attention to what you\'ll be using the diamonds for and what you want the finished piece to say as these can affect how well your purchase will shine.

If you\'re interested in purchasing a diamond for an engagement ring or other commitment piece, consider a diamond that reflects your relationship with your Love. How do your personalities complement each other, what little things make you smile, or how do say 'I Love You' without words? If you two are all about the bling go for a princess or emerald cut. If you\'re into classic sophistication a timeless round cut is perfect. For something a bit more unique, choose a pear or marquise cut. Any of these diamond elements can perfectly reflect your relationship.

If your diamonds are destined for a pendant or bracelet, think about what you want the piece to say. Do you want it say sassy and playful? Consider pink or yellow diamonds paired with smaller clear diamonds. For a look that says understated elegance, consider moderate sized round or princess cut diamonds simply set in yellow or white gold. If you want a look that boldly says you\'re into everything modern, consider a radiant cut set in platinum with clean lines.

For a piece that\'s uniquely you and a perfect complement to your style, purchase a variety of loose diamonds in various cuts and colors for a one-of-a-kind piece. You can design a necklace or bracelet with a stone for each milestone or special person in your life, or you can choose a set of stones that simply complement each other for a unified piece that simply says you.

For each of these scenarios, and more, the information the aforementioned questions can illuminate will give you the perfect framework for the creation of that perfect piece. You\'re sure to design an engagement ring, pendant or bracelet that\'s only the best. No matter the destination for your loose diamonds have confidence that the right information is at hand and that you can make the perfect purchase decision.

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