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SUMMARY: This is one of the most versatile, and enigmatic designers on the New York fashion stage. He trained with Christian Lacroix and Geoffrey Beane. His break came in 2003 after Bergdorf Goodman stores showcased his 2003, 2004 and 2005 runway stylings. Alexander’s signature piece, a 2005 magnum opus, features a creamy begin satin-silk ¾ length dramatic top that has glass buttons up the back, and a bright crimson red skirt of satin-silk that has a fantastic silhouette of billowing fabric. According to Alexander’s website, his last collection was in 2005. Bergdorf Goodman’s website doesn’t list him anymore. Currently, his designs are exclusive to his website, other than a limited selection on eBay. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Swarovski Rhinestones Brings the Most Fashionable Range of Accessories for Women

Author: Bobmayo

It is just a little dazzling rock but it can simply add glitz to any outfit you wear. This tiny stone has the capability to turn your boring look to an elegant one very easily. These stones could be added to various kinds of stuff like flip-flops, shoes, sandals, bags, belts, tiaras clothes, and watches to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Apart from these things, the stones are also used in jewelry making. Rhinestones are a typical kind of rock crystal which is gathered from the Rhine River. After collecting, an expert craftsman manually frames these stones to secure an elegant look. This crystal is widely demanded in the market owing to its brilliant shape, elegance in color, and sophisticated look. It shines and glitters lively as compared to any other crystal on this planet.

Often, celebrities and TV stars also opt for Swarovski Rhinestones instead of a diamond to design their outfit. The main reason behind this is the beauty of this beautiful crystal that gives you a sophisticated look similar as you are wearing a real diamond. However, it is less expensive than a real diamond yet the brightness and elegance when caught with light imitates that you are wearing an expensive crystal. It looks so appealing when light gets on a rhinestone and as a result, a lot of celebrities are fascinated with its exquisiteness. Not only celebrities and the big stars are fascinated with its appearance, but also the craftsman and designers get captivated. The reasonable price of a rhinestone gives you and every one the chance to adorn yourself with modesty.

They are pretty tiny stones that can be utilized in a wide variety of ways to embellish clothes. These are also accessible in a broad range of sparkling colors. There are various fashion industries that started using these colored glass beads to create thousands of different types, colors, and shapes for accessories. Even the Hollywood also took off with the idea of using these crystals on costume designs. The main purpose of using rhinestones became a sign of glamour, wealth, and exuberance. These beads are also used to make cheap rhinestone jewelry. Due to these facts, you can easily figure it out the how the use of rhinestones took off as a reflection to symbolize a high quality addition to any type of clothing accessory, or fashion clothing. All these beautiful stones are easily available online, where you just have to make a couple of clicks and select the best for yourself.

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The author is well-versed with the latest trends in the fashion industry. In this above article, the author highlights the uses of swarovski rhinestones in various clothing accessory, or fashion clothing.