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SUMMARY: This label was established by the designer in 1994 with her fitting pants. The fitting pants became the signature item of the company. Soon after this label began to produce collections that included sportswear, outerwear, evening dresses, swimwear, and maternity clothing. The company has a devoted following of celebrities that include Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, and many others. Her clothing lines can be purchased at Nordstrom's, Saks, and Neiman Marus. However, better bargains can be found online at sites like, Bizrate/Shopzilla and where one can find several items from her line for under one hundred dollars. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Popularity of gemstones rings

Author: Vishwa

Gemstone rings are potent wings of change. These rings have the potential to completely change what has been predetermined by a person\'s destiny. Other pieces of gemstone jewellery such as a gemstone pendant or a bracelet studded with a birthstone also become a smart buy since these look highly fashionable and prove to be lucky. The fact that this type of jewellery sucks bad luck from the wearer\'s life makes it a timeless purchase.

For those considering purchasing a gemstone should buy gems online as it is an incredible idea for both men and women. In fact, nowadays men and women globally are preferring this type of jewellery over diamonds or precious metals because along with beauty and grace the gemstones bring the wearer lot of progress in personal and professional spheres of life.

Buying loose gemstones is also an option because the wearer can then take these to a local jeweller and get this set in jewellery of their choice. Each of these birthstones have a distinct characteristic or trait that corrects a wearer\'s weaknesses and works on the strengths. Gemstone jewellery also helps people better their physical state, attitude towards life in general. Gemstones are also known to awaken leadership qualities in people and attract better work opportunities at work. All this is supported with richer relationships and even helps bring the person get money from every single quarter.

Since ancient times the science of astrology was used for curing illnesses. The scientific observations and study of semi precious stones then became an inseparable part of astrology. There have been many instances of documentation of reaping the benefits of stones. Some people have said that this science is 1,000-2,000 old while others suggest that the science originated 5,000 years ago.

Gemstones have been popular since there has been a symbiotic connection between humans and gems. The evidence of gems used to heal, improve fate, fertility and richness has been found. Gemstones such as emerald stone, amethyst stone and turquoise stone have particularly benefited people.

These stones are always worn after conducting elaborate pious ceremonies, and full fledged rituals. This ancient expertise has been passed on to people to find luck, materialistic gains, pink health, spiritual practices and healing. Hence the use of gemstones is once again gaining popularity in the schedules of busy, urban people who may or may not be believers in spiritual practices and the power of alternate medicine.

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This article has been written and posted by a astrologer who working with Gemstones online shopping store). He gives information on gemstones astrologicals benefits and tell how to buy gemstones online and how to wear gemstones.