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SUMMARY: This designer was born and raised in Argentina. She won a modeling contract with Ford Modeling Agency at the age of 15. Ms. de Bucourt moved to Paris and worked there for five years with KarinĀ“s model agency after turning 18. In Paris she worked for prestigious fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Glamour, and Harpers Bazaar. After turning 25, she went to New York City were she was offered to join Elite model agency. Ms. De Bucourt started working with young photographers designing and setting up the sets, and collaborating with styling, and hair and make-up. During her first year at Fit in New York City she produced her line of clothes and sold it to Barneys NY, and few exclusive stores in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. She later began to produce exclusive pieces of handcrafted garments to the Guess clothing line. Ms. De Bucourt signed an exclusive contract with BeBe to develop, and design new products for local BeBe stores. The collection can be found in better specialty stores through out the USA and various countries throughout the world such as in Germany, Israel and Chile. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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What Really Takes the Cake Every Time? Wedding Bands!

Author: Ansel Adams

Getting everything just right for the big day is a feat among feats. There are fittings to attend, food to be tasted, guest list after guest to be approved. Then, there is the wedding band. No, no! Not the band you\'re going to be grooving to at the reception, the bands you will be wearing on your left hands for the rest of your lives! Yes, those tiny little metal circles of symbolic love and wedded union.

As a couple, this tedious jewelry task is extremely easy to overlook. With all of the critical planning going on, mothers-in-law breathing down your necks, and those backwoods second and third relatives coming out of the woodworks - did you really have to invite your second cousin Bobby and that crazy third uncle with the lazy right eye? Okay, we\'re getting off track.

Back to the jewelry. You don\'t want to be that couple that makes an impulsive decision one week before the wedding. Plan on taking care of this early. This way, you give yourselves enough time to really think about what you each want, go in and sit down with your trusted jeweler, and go over all your options. This affords you the luxury of looking without any pressure.

For example, say you can\'t find the perfect diamond wedding band set to match your engagement ring. You can custom design a set all your own! Your jeweler will be thrilled to help you draw up the exact rings you have in mind. You can match the metals, or even get a little adventurous and use something a little more unique or rare.

For all of you gentlemen, you can make sure the band you will be wearing is not only the exact style that will suit your manly tastes, but will also be comfortable enough to wear every day. We suggest a harder, more durable metal for a men\'s ring, like tungsten or platinum. For all you lovely ladies, custom designing can offer you everything you ever wanted. Get the metal that you like and that matches your engagement ring. Add some flare with filigree or a little icing with a few smaller diamonds.

The choices are endless when you plan ahead, know your options, and take the time that this task deserves. Just like the entire process of planning the wedding, careful thought and consideration should go into your wedding jewelry as well. Waiting or putting this off could cost you in the end, so put this to-do at the top of your list. Get it crossed off early and stash those wedding bands away until the big day. These pieces of jewelry are just the icing on the cake for what is sure to be a perfect wedding!

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Ansel Adams is exceedingly interested in diamonds of all shapes and sizes. He explains about tips on finding wedding bands and engagement rings.