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SUMMARY: This designer, who graced the fashion world in September 2003 with her “Tiger Lily” collection, climbed the couture ranks quickly. From her “Imminent Storm” and “Queztal” collections, Swanson progressed as a designer, focusing on furs and South American prints and colors. The designs are both feminine and American-stylized. The combination lends itself to loose, comfortable and colorful fabrics. In 2006, Swanson minimized her clothing lines to only creating on a per person basis. Past season ensembles are still circulating among boutiques. The last known address for her signature boutique was in Austin, Texas. According to New York Magazine, her status is inactive. Links to search results for this label are below:

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Why Jewelry Stores are Better than Mega Stores

Author: Jack Terry

Specialty stores are quickly becoming a thing of the past. For the most part, the loss of local, downtown shops, notwithstanding, is not a bad thing. The quality of the big screen television that you can get at a big box store is just as good as the one you get at the high end electronic store. When it comes to buying jewelry, however, you should only do your shopping for jewelry stores, and there is an important reason for that.

Ever since the advent of the mall, when people realized they could shop for many things in one place, it was only a matter of time before, instead of one hundred stores under one roof selling everything you could possibly need, there would be only one store under one roof. In a sense, it\'s simply a matter of economics. If you only sell one type of product, you are limited on foot traffic that you are able to generate and by the margins where you can set your prices. If you have something for everyone, though, then that many more people are going to come through your door. If consumers are coming in for a toothbrush they may end up leaving with a new set of tires. With all of that various merchandise, it is possible to lower the price on certain items beyond what other stores could, even for a loss, because the difference will be made up in the price of something else.

What you get in savings, however, you often lose in customer service. Everyone has a story of walking into one of this mega stores, not knowing where to find what you\'re looking for and no one is there to help you. Worse is when there is someone there, but they don\'t want to help you. Why should they? This is just another job to them.

When it comes to buying fine jewelry, you need better treatment. Many of the mega stores have jewelry departments, but they don\'t have experts who have been in the business for three and four generations as do many old school jewelry stores. The mega chains don\'t have professionals who have trained at the finest institutes around the world. They don\'t have craftspeople and artisans who hand design the jewelry that you want. They don\'t have people whose passion is jewelry. In short, if you want to be sure you are getting the best jewelry from the most informed people who will help you make the right purchase, drive past the mega store and do your shopping in good old fashioned jewelry stores.

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Jack Terry is a well-known writer who writes extensively about engagement rings. For more information about Jewelry Stores Schenectady NY.