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SUMMARY: Mr. Miele creates a traditional Brazilian fashion with patchwork, stitching, crochet, and leatherwork. His styles are exuberant as well as extremely sexy. He is known to rock the fashion runway shows as well as their reviews. This designer loves to celebrate everything that is Brazilian. His clothing shares that core desire with every single item that he creates.

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Buying a Diamond Ring of 2 or 3 carats

Author: Tom Brunie

If you want to buy a 2 carat diamond, it costs more. It may be $8500. But you can\'t get it for lesser price. It is called as statement diamond.  It is a statement of luxury for the women who wear it. Also it shows how wealthiest the person is who brought it for her. Its size is extraordinary and it will turn heads among crowds of people, when it refracts flashes of white light and fire.

What to see when you buy diamond?

Find a reputable dealer by asking some of your friends or reading reviews online to buy diamonds. Whenever you buy a diamond of 1 carat or more, you should also get a certificate from a recognized independent Gem lab. The loose diamonds are certified by American gem society and Gemological Institute of America. There are also other labs that certify all types of diamonds.

Popular Engagement Ring:

3 carat diamond ring is the popular one. This is also called as ‘Queen Elizabeth\'s three times a lady\' ring. This ring makes your bride feel the importance of her in your life. There are three styles from which you can choose. Some of the rings will have 3 carat diamond at the center with additional smaller stones on the sides of band. In order to add the uniqueness and     special identity to the ring, the additional smaller stones of colored precious stones are to be taken.

You can also see 3 carat diamond solitaire engagement rings which come in different cuts such as emerald, round, pear – shape, round, asscher, or bezel cut diamonds. Mostly, these 3 carat diamond rings come in platinum or white gold ring bands.

First Concern to Buy:

While making your purchase, you must consider mainly four things. They are carat, color, cut and clarity.  The cut and shape of the diamond are different. The way in which light reacts with the diamond is referred by the quality of the cut and hence is to be considered. The cut shouldn\'t be so deep. If it is so, the light escapes from the diamond. This leads to the reduction of brilliance of diamond. So always go with perfect cut diamond when you had decided to Buy 2 or 3 carat diamond ring.

If you want to have a better quality diamond, ring and wedding band, its price will also be more. Do some research and find a reputable online dealer for GIA certified high quality ones.

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Tom Brunie having 3 year experience writing about Freddy Diamonds - Online Jewelry Store that provides Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings, Discount Engagement Rings, Inexpensive Engagement Rings, Cheap Diamonds, 2&3 Carat Diamonds and many more in different Sizes and Shapes at very reasonable prices.