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Buy Aviator & Pilot Watches

Author: Henery Shen

Aviator or pilot watches, as the name suggests, are designed specifically for pilots and pick up inspiration from the instruments of the sky. Ever since the Wright Brothers flew the first plane, pilots and things associated to flying have been an affair of great pizzazz for man. Dedicated Aviation watches started getting hype during the World War II.

 At that time keeping track of time was of utmost importance and specially the change in time-zones. The dial of the watches had to be over-sized and clear, with use of bold colors (black and white) and large numerals just to assist in easy time reading during tense situations. The watches are built to withstand extreme conditions such as temperature, pressure, varying range of moisture etc.

 Now-a-days watch manufacturers have started working in close collaboration with pilots to design such watches that would give the best of Aviation to the world. The major elements found in an Aviator watch that distinguishes it from a usual timepiece are: multiple time zone function, extremely good visibility, accuracy and over-sized dials.

 There are various luxury watch manufacturers in the industry who piously produce watches that are inspired by Aviation. They are:

Aviator – 130 year old watch manufacturer producing military aviator watches with an iconic Russian heritage.

Sturmanskie – Manufacturer of iconic Russian made military pilot and space inspired Limited Edition timepieces. Famous for being the first watch in space as it was worn by the legendary Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin during the first human space flight.

Junkers – A German brand that combines historic aircraft design elements with durable and distinctive hand wound, mechanical, automatic and quartz movements in their watches.

Thunderbirds – Producer of military aviator watches that was established in 1998. Inspired by and named after the elite Thunderbirds squadron of the U.S. Air Force, which include some of the best pilots in the world.

Zepplin – Manufacturer of German made retro-style, aviation inspired timepieces.

Formex – Luxury Swiss made motor racing, diving & pilot precision instrument sports watches.

Alpina – Accessible luxury Swiss made mechanical sports watches: pilot, diving, and sailing, motor racing, extreme and adventure sports.

Dievas – Luxury German hand-made diving and pilot mechanical sports watches, inspired by vintage military designs, with Limited Edition production.

Lapizta - Lapizta creates bold sporting timepieces inspired by the infinite passion of extreme lifestyles.

Poljot Internatinal - Exclusive and unique German made mechanical watches, with designs inspired by significant Russian historical events.

Revue Thommen - One of the oldest and most distinguished Swiss manufacturers of hand-made, classic and sports mechanical timepieces.

Glycine - Luxury Swiss made military aviator mechanical timepieces, from one of the pioneers of worldtime and pilot watches.

Oris - Extravagant Swiss made mechanical sports watches: diving, motor racing & aviation.

Bell & Ross - Luxury Swiss made military pilot & diver professional instrument sports watches.

B.R.M - Exclusive, Limited Edition, luxury high performance motor sports and vintage pilot instrument timepieces, hand-made in France.

Avio Milano - Accessible luxury, stylish & elegant pilot and diver sports watches from Italy.

These watches are very much in demand not just for its usability. Today, many years after the WWII, Aviator and Pilot Watches have become more of a trendy fashion and style statement. So, it\'s not just those who who have a need for these features only buy such watches, rather common folks today are also opting for these brands.

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