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Brazilian Bracelet: Buy Them Online

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Brazil is the largest country in South America, which covers about 47 percent of the entire continent. Brazil is home to the Amazon rainforest which provides a beautiful backdrop for all that Brazil has to offer. Brazil is rich in tradition for beautiful jewelry including Brazilian wish bracelets and decenarios bracelets. The history and importance of the bracelets of Brazil go back for several hundred years. Catholicism is the primary religion in Brazil and the bracelet\'s history includes religion as well as traditional.

The history of the Brazilian Bracelet dates back almost two hundred years. Each color wish bracelet symbolizes a specific thing based on the color and also is a good luck charm. The wish bracelet is also hanging around churches or homes to help increase luck. Ink is sometimes used to write messages on the bracelet. The bracelet of Brazil is tied at the wrist and never removed. The tradition of the bracelet is that when it falls off the three wishes are granted. The bracelet should not be cut off because that is believed to be bad luck.

Through the generations the traditions have evolved into certain colors having a meaning. The Brazilian Bracelet of orange color is for joy and enthusiasm, yellow is for success and intelligence, dark blue is for health comfort and fertility, gray is for patience and understanding, and red symbolizes strength and passion. A purple wish bracelet is for spirituality, turquoise is for love and peace, and light green is for life and renewal. The wish bracelet\'s also having three knots, one for each wish. The wish bracelets can also be attached to a purse, suitcase, purse, wallet, or ankle.

Decenarios are other bracelets that have religious roots. This bracelet symbolizes one decade the rosary. The meaning of the decenarios is similar to wish bracelets, but they have ten knots. The ten knots help remind the person wearing the bracelet to say their prayers and reflecting on life. These important bracelets are given to people at different live events including the birth of a child, and for a wedding gift. The decenarios are vibrant colored and worn on the wrist or ankle. Some people wear multiple decenarios in different colors. Brazil is also known for the natural agate stone that is used to make bracelets. The agate stone is found in Brazil in many colors which create beautiful stone bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. The natural agate stone is plentiful in Brazil which helps maintain a lower price for the jewelry. Onyx is used frequently in the design of a bracelet from Brazil. Topaz is another stone used in Brazil to make jewelry. Topaz was one of the first stones discovered in Brazil in a plentiful supply which allowed the price to stay low.

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