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SUMMARY:I think that I had heard of the actress, Rachel Bilson, a couple of times before, but I did not realize that she was such a fashion icon. Lately, whenever you hear about this designer, you hear that Rachel Bilson approves of him. Well, great! I, think.

Anyway, if Rachel Bilson’s fashion sense gets your approval, but you don’t quite have her budget, then you need to let the power sellers on eBay know how much you and Rachel Bilson approve of this designer so that more of them will sell his apparel. After that, give Amazon a call and let them know too, because he’s not there either. However, Bizrate/Shopzilla must have been listening to her since they’ve got a good collection of his apparel. They’ve even got some Rachel Bilson photos, posters and DVDs. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Brian Reyes


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Adorable Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstones

Author: Sanjeev Kumar

A symbol of fidelity and affection, the Swiss blue topaz, also known as the electric topaz is considered the birth-stone of December. Discovered from more than 2000 years ago, the Swiss blue topaz is still considered a symbol for love and dedication and is one of the most sought after semi-precious stone, especially as a gift to your loved ones. It is considered to be a symbolic representation of life itself. This thought comes from the fact that in ancient Egypt, the topaz symbolizes the God Ra, who is the harbinger of life. Moreover, the topaz stone is also considered to possess healing properties and is known to provide relief from respiratory problems and cure sleep disorders. The striking blue hue of the blue topaz can mesmerizeanyone and will look splendid on the finger or neck of your loved one.

The mystique surrounding the Swiss blue topaz

Like all other gemstones, the Swiss blue topaz is also considered to be mystical and attributes to a number of healing features. It is believed to calm a raging person and even cool boiling hot water.  Though such magical powers of the blue stone may sound farfetched but nothing can diminish its sheer beauty and majesty. It can be cut into various shapes and sizes such as ovals, circles, octagons, heart shapes, pear shapes and many more, which makes for a very popular gift.  Paired with white gold, pearl or diamonds, the Swiss blue stone can light up the eyes of your loved ones. The brilliant shimmer of this stone will not only accentuate the beauty of its wearer but also garner numerous admirers. Associated with love and devotion, this semi-precious stone makes for a unique, beautiful and meaningful wedding or engagement gift.

The dark blue color of the Swiss blue topaz, which is its crowning glory, however, is rarely found in nature. Most topazes are colorless in their natural habitat, which also makes it a cheap substitute for diamonds. Treatment through heat and irradiation gives the topaz its blue color. Although they are exposed to radiation, doctors have conclusively proved that they pose no threat to the wearer\'s health. Instead they are known to provide calm and peace to the wearer and even ward of certain diseases. They are exceptionally strong and can be found in places such as Mexico, Brazil, China and Sri Lanka. Mining of topaz is not as controversial as in the case of diamonds and henceforth can be used as a responsible alternative.


It might not be as expensive as other gems such as aquamarine or diamonds, but the sight of a brilliantly radiating Swiss blue topaz will strike the same chord with your loved ones. Legends surrounding blue topaz enhance the mystique and charm of this beautiful mineral. Exquisitely cut and enhanced with diamonds or gold can make the blue topaz the center of attraction among your other jewelry set pieces. As the blue topaz is always associated with fidelity, love and admiration, gifting one of your loved one will enhance the respect and adoration between partners. Legend also states that this gemstone has the ability to cure asthma, blood clots and even mend friendships, instill calm and peace to its wearer and in some cultures, it is even believed to posses the power to ward off unnatural deaths. All these attributes of the Swiss blue topaz, coupled with its unmatched beauty makes it one of the most popular and widely sought after semi-precious stone.

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With a history spanning thousands of years, the blue topaz has managed to stay close to the heart of its admirers. To know more on topaz loose gemstones visit the website Swiss blue Topaz.