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SUMMARY:Exclusive is when you can’t get the name of of the brand to even show up properly the search results for Bizrate/Shopzilla or Amazon. That’s the case here for this brand. You might see this brand in the near future but you have to impressed at what a cult following Dagan Ryan must have for his brand to have such a limited web presence. You expect this for top brands from Italian and French designers but not T-shirt brands. Once again, this where you go to eBay to find the ultra hip power seller who just happens to have some of this label in stock in his eBay store. I was able to find a power seller with a young but good track record who had the only items currently available on eBay. That must send the store’s hipness quotient into the stratosphere. Because of that, getting an actual items from this label is as much of a coup as getting discounts for Hermes.

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Pendant set designs for every occasion

Author: David Johnson

Pendants are one among the most elegant pieces of adornments that women put on to enhance their beauty and men, to maintain their style statement. This is not a seperate jewelry piece but a part of necklace or chain. Here, necklace refers to not only the metal ones but also the beaded and other fashionable kinds, which are mostly worn by the youngsters. Generally, pendants are attached to chains but some even wear them by attaching them to bracelets and bangles. A lot of shapes, sizes, designs and varieties are made available now in the market.

Jewelry stores offer them in both necklace sets and individually also. You can purchase them depending upon your requirement. pendant set designs normally match up with the design and look of the rest of the ornaments that come in a set like earrings, and rings etc. Adornments made of gold metal are always given the first preference and this is the same case with pendants too. This expensive metal is not only precious and elegant but also carries that traditional significance, which makes it the popular choice of individuals over other metals. That is the reason, why most of them do not select other metals even in spite of its higher price.

From conventional to contemporary, designers are creating them in all attractive styles and shapes. In some types, you will find only plain metal pendants, while some forms include gemstones and other additions. Pendants with gemstones, especially those with diamonds, appears simply gorgeous and classy. Diamonds are embedded in them in different settings and shapes. Some of the popular cuts given to them are round, heart, marquise, asscher, cushion, emerald, radiant, pear and princess cut etc. These are the must haves in every box of jewelry and is also a great addition to one\' s appearance. You can choose to wear them on any occasion and on any clothing.

Apart from the trendy and occasion based designs, you will also find it with divine symbols and meanings. Religious pendants of this sort, are quite popular and worn by many women and men regularly. Jewelry makers create them in various forms representing different kinds of religions and Gold Om Pendant is one among them. Om pendant pieces are worn mostly by the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism. These mostly take the shape or image of the Lord Shiva. By wearing them, people not only show their faith in god but also believe that they will be protected from harms and receive good luck in their life.

Inthe similar way, the jewelry stores also offer Gold Lakshmi Pendant in a number of designs and forms. There are also ornaments available in other metals and materials but gold is largely preferred. The demand for the Lakshmi pendants can be clearly observed at the time of the Diwali festival. On the day of Diwali, individuals not only worship goddess Lakshmi but also show their faith by wearing this beautiful piece of jewelry. You can come across a wide collection of religious jewelry at web based stores in right prices.


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