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SUMMARY:The funniest story about this label is that after her store opened in 1964, there was a mob of women packing the store to try on one specific style of dress in “concentrated silence”. Picture that. It would resemble a scene out of a zombie movie. Apparently, the louder that the store music played, the faster her customers moved and the more the store filled up. Is that what shopping does to people? How scary. Her early reputation was that her fashions made it possible to dress like the most glamourous women in England for 10 percent of their budget. Makes her a good fit for this website, but truth be told, this is not the cheapest label around. It also seems to be focused more towards non-American consumers. While there are some selections on eBay and Shopzilla, the best place to shop for this label in terms of price and selection is a Shopstyle, a link for which is below.

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Designer Cufflinks Brings Innovation In Wearing Accessories

Author: Andrew James

Accessories and jewelries are an important part of self grooming and are widely used across the globe. They show their presence since ancient times of kings where people from the royal class used to wear them. These were usually made from precious metals and rare stones hence were afforded by the rich people. These jewelries and accessories were much common among men and women. Men used accessories like rings, chains, cufflinks, bracelets etc. where women had access to a number of jewelries and accessories to adorn themselves.

A cufflink is an accessory worn by men and women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt or blouse. These originated in the 17th century when people used to tie cuffs of shirts with ribbons and laces. Since then they have been many popular around the world. These are specially designed for use with a double cuff shirts which have buttonholes with no buttons.

The most traditional cufflink design 'double panel' consists of a short post usually a chain connecting two disc shaped parts. Other types have a flat designed face for one side and the other side show the swivel bar and post. The swivel bar is aligned vertically with the post to put the cufflinks on and off. The flat decorative face is usually larger and offers a number of designs to be connected to the smaller piece. Presently many companies are manufacturing designer cufflinks at large and selling them online at reasonable prices. These companies make these cufflinks using less precious metals and stones hence offer cheap priced high quality products for every segment of the market.

Wearing cufflinks

Cufflinks are worn with shirts with cuffs or double cuff French shirts. These are tied or fixed on to the cuffs with the button holes. With the availability of a number of designs of cufflinks these can be worn on different occasions, festivals, places to exhibit a taste for fashion, display a message or to define a unique personality. Precious metals and stone cufflinks display royalty and class. It entirely depends upon the wearer how he wants to carry cufflinks at a social place.

Talking about the corporate houses, they show great demand for cufflinks. Cufflinks with company logo, company name is worn at corporate houses to create a professional environment. Also, cufflinks take the formal dressing to new heights were elegant and sophisticated pieces just look awesome adding grace to the attire. Siver or metal cufflinks with designs encrusted or engraved on it are highly general at corporate houses with formal dressing.

Designer cufflinks offer a variety of designs to define unique personalities. One can wear designer cufflinks matching with the shirt worn. Various colorful, metal, stones, glass, plastic, alloy cufflinks are available in the market, and one can easily find that suits his personality best over online stores.

Cufflinks also carry social importance. These can also be worn to communicate a social message. Also, funny and amusing cufflinks are much liked by the clients.

Finding a cufflink seller online is quite easy. Researching over the internet can lead you to a number of cufflink stores. But confirming their credible services with high quality products is highly essentially before buying the product. This ensures a fair buying deal for a worthy product.

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