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SUMMARY:I have to wonder if this designer watches Seinfeld reruns. Especially the Seinfeld episode about the Jerry’s puffy shirt. Don’t know if you have seen Mr. Willhelm's Venus shirt, but he must have designed it after watching the episode. He seems to have a goofy sense of humor so I would not be surprised if this is true.

I assume that not everybody has his sense of humor because I only saw the Venus shirt of eBay. If you are looking for mainstream items from this label, it would probably be best to start at Bizrate/Shopzilla and then check with the retailers listed for any other items. Skip Amazon altogether because they don’t list any of his items. Head to eBay if you need to browse a limited selection of some of his more eccentric items. The top seller of his items has strong feedback and a good history. If you have an interest in this brand's cosmetics, then there is an appropriate link below.

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Bernhard Willhelm


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What to Buy At a Bead Show

Author: jodge aniston

Beaded jewelry has the power to enliven any attire. It breathes life into even the humblest of outfits and can be worn in all occasions. If you are looking for jewelry that is neither too casual nor too formal, neither gaudy nor understated, bead should be your material of choice. Attend a bead show and discover hundreds of varieties of beads.

When you are looking for bead products, you cannot miss unicorne beads. This variety of beads looks very vibrant and is rich with texture. Unicorne beads have splatters that are of different colors and add abstract detail. These beads are available in small sizes and bold colors. You can create a retro look with these beads that you will find in reputable international jewelry trade shows. Those who look for something unique, unicorne beads are ideal because a) they are available in various sizes – from tiny to gigantic and b) they are handmade and bear brilliant sparkle that\'s irresistible.

Usually, jewelry using these beads is created by expert craftsmen. They can add embellishments to existing designs. You will find antique-styled jewelry as well as contemporary-styled ornaments in a bead show. Vintage antique designs are sensational. Ornaments fashioned in the Edwardian style, for instance, ooze sophistication and opulence.

Since your jewelry is a part of your style statement, don\'t hesitate to experiment. If you are confused and cannot choose between antique and modern designs, the jewelers participating in these shows will help you make a good choice.

Jewelry trade shows offer something for everyone. Not only do you get beautiful ornaments for yourself but also for your little girl. That\'s right. Participants of these shows sell young girls\' jewelries as well. Among the items available for little girls, there are headbands, hair clips, engrave-able lockets, birth angel pins, birthstone bracelets and name bracelets. These items can be good birthday gifts too if you are looking to buy one for your daughter.

If you want to customize the jewelry you buy, most jewelers would be able to meet your needs. Ask for samples or pictures of customizations they have done before. Shop around a little before taking your pick. Those of you, who are looking to buy gifts for their near and dear ones, can go for a gift certificate. Keep in mind that whatever your budget is, you won\'t be disappointed.

Some common items that you can buy:

  • Rings: You can find a ring that can be personalized by engraving your name on it. However, if you want to buy a ring for someone else, it is best if you know the ring size of that person.
  • Necklace: There are all sorts of necklaces available in a bead show, from choker necklaces to long, dangling ones. You can add your birthstone pendant to make it more yours.
  • Bracelets: When it comes to bracelets, size is never an issue. You can choose beaded bracelets of any color. You can even buy several bracelets to go with different outfits.

No matter what you buy, make sure to visit several outlets at the jewelry trade shows you will go to.

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JOGS International Exhibits organizes several bead shows and jewelry trade shows throughout the year across the USA. Their shows have thousands of participants from all over the world who are reputable jewelers.