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SUMMARY:This designer is a snarky guy. He’s got a extremely healthy ego and it seems, a cutting comment for everyone. He’s even made condescending comments about Michelle Obama’s fashion sense. I know that there’s plenty of brilliant fashion designer’s out there, but messing with Michelle Obama’s intellect is a case of rushing in where wise men fear to tread. You have to wonder if this plays into why it’s so difficult to find his fashions online. Not Bizrate/Shopzilla, not Amazon, not Shopstyle or even eBay carry one of his pieces. Did he offend someone? Who knows? Maybe at some point the profit motive will kick in for him and you will be able to purchase his items at least on eBay. Links for search results to this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Benjamin Cho


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Looking at Cash for Gold Prices Rising Today

Author: John Dugdale

More consumers are finding out that there is cash with their gold pieces regardless of the amount. They can compile their scrap gold to a substantial amount before selling off for quick cash with the rising gold prices today.

It is easy to secure some fast cash for gold as prices have been rising steadily over a decade. This upward trend of gold prices has made it quite lucrative for consumers to sell their gold jewelry and scrap gold easily.

Sources of buyers

The market offers a plethora of gold buyers for high quality gold with the current high gold prices. It is easy to make some extra cash by trading the unwanted gold pieces in the drawer. Ordinary consumers who have gold pieces to sell can check out the myriad of gold traders and dealers in the market or on the Internet to secure the best of dealers for the best prices.

Reliable and honest gold dealers or traders are desired to avoid scams and cheats on any gold trading. Established gold companies and jewelry stores in town or on the Internet are ever ready to receive consumer gold for cash based on the latest gold price of the day.

These professional gold traders are set up to help consumers who want cash for gold. Prices of gold have kept climbing for over a decade without any sign of the bubble bursting. These gold traders must act professionally in advising consumers on the best prices of gold pieces brought in for cash. There must be a high level of customer service provided to those who bring in their gold pieces for trading.

Pawn shops are another good source of gold buyers for those who need some immediate cash but still want to redeem their gold prices later. Pawn shops allow customers to pawn their gold pieces for some immediate cash with no questions asked. These gold pieces would be held for a period of time to allow the seller to redeem at a slightly higher price. This type of trading allows the pawn shops to make a simple profit.

Online sales

Many modern consumers are resorting to online selling of gold pieces today for their convenience and profit. Online gold sales are easier and cheaper with fewer costs and procedures which would hike up the profit margin of the seller.

There is a plethora of online gold websites on the Internet that are willing to buy any type of gold from consumers.

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