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SUMMARY: This designer works out of a design studio in Manhattan, where she has produced her namesake line of clothing since 2001. The designer earned her stripes at Parsons School of Design, before moving on to work for top talent at Anne Klein, Richard Tyler and others. Sarafpour is well known for her modern interpretations of classic American minimalism that is meant to flatter a woman, while also giving her ease of movement. Her designs, which are far from fussy, are sold in such high end venues as Barney's New York. She's also known for her accessories, including a line of jewelry she designed for Tiffany & Co.. Links to search results for this label are below:

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Securing Cash for Diamonds from Professional Dealers

Author: John Dugdale

There may be a number of consumers who own some pieces of diamonds with an intention to get cash for their diamonds. There is a myriad of professional diamond dealers in the market that would handle such transactions favorably. These diamond dealers have set up a convenient facility to buy consumers\' diamonds at attractive prices that would satisfy consumers.

Sales facilities

A professional diamond dealer is the best choice to get cash for diamonds for any consumer who has diamonds to sell. Some consumers may not enjoy their diamond jewelry after a while with new fashion trends for the era. Other consumers may be in need of some fast cash without having to resort to loans and borrowings.

One of the convenient and effective sales facilities for selling diamonds in the marketplace today is the availability of an online diamond price calculator which is easily available on the website of reputable and established diamond dealers.

Any consumer who wishes to sell their diamonds for cash may visit these professional diamond dealers\' website and make use of their diamond price calculator facility to compute the worth of their diamond pieces before selling.

Many established diamond dealers would be willing to purchase diamonds between 0.01carat and10.00 carats from consumers. The diamond price calculator at any of these diamond dealers\' website is easy to use to secure an estimate of the cash price for the diamonds to be sold. Consumers would need to key in the weight, shape, color, clarity and certification of every diamond piece they want to sell to generate the best of price estimate for their diamond.

Simple steps

An online diamond sale for instant cash is quite simple through three steps. The seller needs only to fill up an online form to request a diamond pack from an established and reputed diamond dealer website. Most calculator facilities from diamond dealers are for single diamonds only. Then the consumer is to send in the diamond pieces via secure delivery or personally at the diamond dealer\'s office in town.

The diamond dealer would evaluate the diamond received and send back the cash to the consumer. The cash for the diamonds is close to the estimated calculation via the diamond price calculator. The professional diamond dealer would need to evaluate the diamond piece carefully on its carat, cut, clarity and color before confirming the selling price to the consumer.

Consumers must be over 18 years of age to sell their diamonds with any established diamond dealers online or offsite.

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