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SUMMARY: This label is designed by Gloria Brandes and her mission is to offer big fashion looks at small prices. The apparel is considered a modern classic line of clothing that is elegant and displays a sense of confidence and direction, as well as a devastating-hot fashion statement. The brand can be found in all The Buckle Stores nationwide, Nordstrom nationwide, Mystique, The Den, Silhouette, Lulu’s which are located in LA. This apparel can also be found in all Jasmine Sola locations, Last Stop and Honeycombed Hideout in Maryland, all Von Maur stores, plus other independents around the United States. Links to search results for the label are below:

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Man Made Diamond Rings - The ongoing fashion trend

Author: Stephanie Adalyn

Diamonds have always been a woman\'s best friend. Jewelery has been adorned by women over the years and is known to add glamor and glitz to a woman\'s attire. The types of jewelery can vary from the occasion it is going to be worn to. There are formal jewelery, traditional and even casual jewelery. It is a proven fact that jewelery is worn at every occasion.

It has become a trend to wear jewelery that even, it is not being worn only by women  but also by men. Some wear it for astrological reasons and some wear it for a fashion trend. Diamonds are a sign of luxury and are often considered as a status symbol. Their cost can vary from thousands to millions of dollars. The fact that they are expensive and are considered an expensive proposition to own, many people are not able to buy them. To counter this problem, man made diamond rings came into the market. These are artificial diamond rings which look like real diamond rings. The man made diamonds rings are priced at a lower cost rather than a real diamond rings. They are made with some precision that it is difficult to differentiate between the two. Even the experts have got confused which is a real diamond piece and which is a man made diamond rings. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to re create these master pieces and get the much needed perfection. People who have spent a lot of time in designing these beautiful pieces of crafts, are hired by top companies to create the magic and leave their buyers speechless with appreciation.

The variety is limitless that the user is spoilt for choices and has a hard time choosing which jeweler to take and which to leave. A person can even give a design of how they would like their lab created diamond rings to look. These man made diamond rings have become so popular that alto of people are now seen wearing them. They add the glamor and shine to your outfit in the same way the real diamonds would. These lab created diamond rings have become such a craze that many people are now seen wearing them. Even the celebrities and the higher status people are seen wearing them. Now only people just get these man made diamond rings made, they also get proper sets made which comprise of lab create diamond earrings and man made diamond necklaces. People look like a million bucks when they wear these beautiful designs. These man made diamonds have to be stored in a dry and cool place, where they are not exposed to moisture. It is often suggested that they are kept in a dry box or wrapped in a cotton. Man made diamond rings are a raging trend and will continue to remain for a long time to come.

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The author of the article has keen interest in writing about diamonds. He has been researching the trend of lab created diamond rings and man made diamond rings. For more information, visit Russian brilliants is a leading online store dealing in diamonds and man made diamonds rings.