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SUMMARY: Bass has for over 100 years been dedicated to the classic style of men's footwear and leather goods. Founded in 1876, G. H. Bass & Co. was the first men's footwear company to introduce the Weejun loafer in 1936, mixing their signature motifs of traditional and sophisticated elements. During the height of their popularity, young men would stick pennies in the front flap of the shoes, giving them the nickname "Penny Loafer" that they have today. This surge in the admiration for the shoe was undoubtedly due to the endorsement by James Dean, making them accessible and attractive to all. Links to search results for this label are below:

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It Takes a Team to Shop for Engagement Rings

Author: Jack Terry

There is a lot that you don\'t know when it comes to shopping for diamond engagement rings. Honestly, that\'s a good thing. If you did know a lot it would mean that you were either someone who has worked extensively in the field of diamonds and jewelry and so you wouldn\'t really need to be here looking for advice, or that you had been engaged and married so many times you have a preferred shoppers card with your local jeweler. If that\'s the case, you might want to look for a new hobby.

Think about if you have ever bought a house or are looking to buy one. Think specifically about what you know and what you don\'t know. You know you want it to have so many bedrooms, sit on so much property, be close enough to work, and be in a good school district. You probably even know that you\'d like it to have a specific style kitchen, many rooms to be painted a certain color and have a two car garage. Now, knowing what you know about your desires for a house, would you just go out, pick one and say 'I\'ll take it'? Of course you wouldn\'t. You would make sure you got some experts involved. After all, this is the first house you\'ve ever bought. You\'re kind of hoping it\'s also the last one you buy, so you are going to make sure you work with the experts to get all of your questions answered, have them tell you all of the information you need to know and present you with all the options available. After all, it\'s a fair amount of money for what should be a once in a lifetime purchase.

Except for the fact that you can\'t live in them, diamond engagement rings should be approached the same way. Just because you know what you want from the ring, the cut and size of the diamond, the style of mount, the type of metal, you don\'t know enough to just close your eyes and point. You need to, once again, trust the experts. Let the professional jeweler you work with explain to you the differences in diamond color and clarity, what it means and how it can affect the price and value of your ring. Let them show you the different cuts that are available and how best to mount each one. Trust them to use their expertise to make sure you end up with the perfect diamond engagement ring that you know you want.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/jewelry-articles/it-takes-a-team-to-shop-for-engagement-rings-6788035.html

About the Author

Jack Terry is a well-known writer who writes extensively about engagement rings. For more information about Diamond Engagement Rings Springfield MO.