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SUMMARY: Created by Mel and Patricia Ziegler in 1978 this clothing brand has flourished, especially in the United States. It started with the concept of being a travel clothing brand and the catalogs once featured safari-themed shoots with character-backed stories and fictional tales about where the clothes travelled to and what they had seen. Banana Republic was bought by Gap in 1993 and has since transformed into more a luxury jet-setting brand. There are over 500 retail locations worldwide as well as a catalog and website where the merchandise can be purchased online with affordable deals available at major shopping portals. Below are links to search results for this brand:

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5 Various Shapes in Rhinestone

Author: Danniell Smith

The rhinestone, as an embellishment, is in great demand in the Fashion & Garment industry. Along with being affordable, there availability in wide variety also makes them quite demanding for experimenting with the creativity. For those, who are new to this world of craft and want to experiment with the varying embellishments, we have mentioned the various shapes of rhinestones today available in the market. Let us have a look at them:


The round shape in the rhinestone is one of the widely used rhinestone beads. The round rhinestone shape is available in variety of sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the customers. You can get these round shaped beads in 2 distinct varieties, i.e. plain and faceted. In the plain one, the surface does not have any facets or additions. In the faceted one, these round beads are given the look of semi-precious and precious gemstones. These are also known as rhinestone connectors and used for embellishments in various accessories & apparels.


The tube shaped rhinestones have thin & elongated look that is used to create several designs & add creativity in art & crafts, apparels, & accessories like belts, jewelry, & bags. These beads make rhinestone chain that can be used in weaving patterns or sewn on clothes as well as furnishing items.


Barrel is a unique shape that is specially used in creating contemporary patterns. Tapered at the either end, these beads are round and thick in the middle. This shape of rhinestone beads is also used in creating medium to long length chains of beads. The jewelry made with these barrel shaped rhinestone is much liked by the people of today\'s modern era.


The carved rhinestone beads are appreciated and used widely for their beauty. The different shapes of beads are carved beautifully with intricate designs that make them look a master piece. There is so much creativity in these beads that any craft, apparel, or accessory can be made with oomph factor. These are also widely used as rhinestone trims for styling party dresses, anklets, and necklaces.

Varying Shaped

Along with above discussed shapes, you can also find variety of other shapes like flower, butterfly, heart, etc. These shaped rhinestones are used as pendants in most cases, but their use do not limit to this, as these are creatively used in numerous other products for adding glam quotient. These give look of give look of expensive gemstones and crystal, but are very much affordable.

So, these are the different shapes of rhinestones, which are available in the market, and can be creatively used for creating various products matching with the fashionable needs of today\'s era.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/jewelry-articles/5-various-shapes-in-rhinestone-6785582.html

About the Author

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