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SUMMARY:Have you seen the Coca-Cola can designed by this designer? I don’t know if it will be only released in his native Singapore, but’s so fancy that it seems too good to hold Coke. In fact, I imagine that quite a few people in Singapore will be accidentally pouring Coca-Cola in their noses while they’re checking out the can.

If we see the Coke can over on these shores, then it will be the only thing designed by him available here. He’s got no presence on Bizrate/Shopzilla or Amazon and that seems to be by design since he has not designated any official retailers in this country either. There is currently one store on eBay run by a young British seller with perfect feedback who carries one item from this label. It may be worth asking if him to increase his selection if you have an interest.

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Adorable diamonds to cherish

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Diamonds are ranked high in the jewellery world as they will always have the topmost position. Diamonds when purchased or more over when gifted, they have the super quality to make that moment as the most memorable and precious moment of the entire life. Real challenge lies in searching for the exclusive or matchless diamond ring. Best idea can be rough diamond jewellery. A rough diamond is one of its own kinds as they constitute a class of their own and therefore can be the best idea for an exceptional gift. Rough diamond is the natural form of diamond as it\'s is found in nature. It is considered to be sanctified form of diamond as their beauty is unparalleled. Rough diamond carved in engagement ring can be perfect idea which can really add strength, magnificence and uniqueness in relationship of two persons just as its own characteristics. Rough diamond suppliers offer diamonds which are free from impurities and are known for their superiority, glistening finish and distinct quality.

Rough Diamond jewellery has broadened its scope now as they are not confined to be used by kings, queens or royal family people; now even various celebrities are allured by their natural beauty and they are spotted wearing earrings, bracelets, and pendants with fascinating rough diamonds.  There are many diamond jewellery wholesalers in India. They sell diamond pieces with wonderful designs and cuts without negotiating with the quality of the product.   They have team of experts who through their excellence craft the jewellery pieces into the traditional and innovative designs as per the need of the customers. One can use internet service to search for wholesale diamond sellers. By using internet one can compare designs and price of different wholesalers and make a valuable purchase.

Internet is one of the best medium to search for diamond jewellery manufactures and suppliers as well who offer the wide range of rings to heavy bridal necklace sets. They work on principles of customer satisfaction and time management. They provide the best quality jewellery items within stipulated time period. The artisans involved in manufacturing hold experience of several years. One can have a glance on the innovative designs, colors and patterns simultaneously under single screen. Web search also allows the customers to have details of the nearby manufactures with complete phone number, location, products and stones offered by them. It is actually a time saving activity.

Currently diamonds are not limited to be used by women only. Even men and kids have their own choice and taste in terms of selecting diamonds. Men\'s jewellery range includes bracelets, rings, necklace, bands, cufflinks etc. Diamond market also offers most gracious and sparkling products for the kids as well. Indian jewellery craftsmen have gained admiration from abroad as well for their exclusive designs which have added sparkle to eyes of the international buyers also. This is because Indian jewellery is not confined to gold and silver. Customers are ready to bear hole in their pockets to flaunt scintillating jewellery pieces.   

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