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SUMMARY: I was looking over the website for this label and as I was browsing through the press clippings, I noticed a People magazine cover with a picture of Angelina Jolie looking at Brad Pitt like she was angry at him. Typed over that picture in big print is “Don’t Touch Me!”. Not that I care that much about Brangelina, but you figure that this label must have already written off any Angelina Jolie endorsement to have that on there.

And if you are looking for the place with the most discount jeans, feel free to write off Amazon and eBay. While both have great selections, they seem to be a bit unaggressive in their discounting strategy. Bizrate/Shopzilla goes below 30 dollars in their prices which makes this extremely hip pairs of jeans as affordable as a pair of Levi’s. Click on the link below for similar deals from Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Mechanical Movement In Designer Watches

Author: Michael Cohen

Like most pieces of designer jewelry, mens luxury watches are a cut above the rest. Designer jewelry is usually made with precious metals and stones, and some designer watches are as well; but the true mark of a high quality timepiece is mechanical movement. While not all designer watches feature mechanical movement, it is undisputable that mechanical movement watches are in the upper echelon of the watch world. Quartz movement is fine and all, but quartz watches are far too common. No one should automatically assume a watch is cheap because it has quartz movement, it is just that there is something to be said about mechanical as a sophisticated alternative. But what exactly does a mechanical watch entail?

Some of the highest quality designer watches in the world feature mechanical movement. Breitling watches, Bremont, and some Tag Heuer watches are just some examples of high quality watch brands that feature mechanical movement. Before going into greater detail about the intricacies of mechanical watches, you are probably wondering what makes it different. Firstly, mechanical designer watches are superior time keepers. They are heralded for their accuracy and longevity for keeping time. Quartz movement is can last long enough for the average watch wearer, but watch aficionados take want a watch that can double as a heirloom. And if you are paying top dollar for premium mens luxury watches, then you deserve the best in longevity.

As for aesthetic appeal, mechanical designer watches are identifiable at a glance. Here\'s the simple test: if you are currently wearing a watch, take a look at the second hand. If your watch is counting the seconds with a tick and a stuttered movement, then you are looking at quartz movement. Mechanical watches provide a silky smooth moving second hand. It gently and luxuriously glides around the watch; truly a thing of beauty.

On the inside, there are five parts common to mechanical designer watches. If you break open your watch, which I do not recommend you do, there will be a mainspring, gear train, balance wheel, escapement mechanism, and an indicating dial (the clock face of the watch). Going into detail about the intricacies about mechanical watch movement would give even the most patient of readers a headache. Understand that the mainspring powers the watch, and most designer watches nowadays have a gem inside them as a bearing. Quartz watches are common but are battery powered. Your mechanical designer watches probably use a ruby or a sapphire. Those stones aren\'t used in mechanical watches because they are fancier; they are used because the reduce friction and yield greater accuracy compared to a quartz watch. Explore mechanical watches at a designer jewelry store near you and experience for yourself how amazing they really are.

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