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SUMMARY: This is a successful young designer, a celebrity who has a lot to say about fashion. But can someone tell me where to find her collection, BECAUSE EVEN HER OWN WEBSITE DOESN’T TELL YOU! It’s under construction. Yes, that’s right, under construction. I like to be understanding and I like to give benefit of the doubt, but there’s no excuse in this day and age for a website to not be able to tell you where to buy merchandise on the first day that’s it up. She needs to talk to Alisha Levine about how to get that done. In the meanwhile, I will be monitoring the internet to see if this label shows up on Bizrate/Shopzilla, Amazon, Shopstyle or even eBay or Facebook. Dang, Anait, what’s up with you, girl? Links to search results for this label are below:

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Insuring your Designer Watch

Author: Rob Charles

Having selected and purchased your designer watch, whether this be for a few hundred pounds or for several thousand pounds you will need to think about Insurance.

The benefits of this are that if the watch is lost or stolen then you will have the peace of mind that you will be able to replace what is after all an expensive purchase without having to foot the bill yourself.

In some instances the Jeweller from whom the watch is purchased may offer an insurance service but the most likely option is for you to insure your watch under your household contents policy.

This provides a number of different options; Within the Contents sum Insured there is normally a preset limit for valuables commonly a third of the total sum insured the definition of valuables will need to be checked on the individual policy but would normally include watches. Within this overall limit is what is known as a Single Article Limit (SAL) this is the maximum figure which the insurers will pay for a single item. Again this varies from Policy to Policy but is typically £1,000. Accordingly if the value of the Designer watch is below this then fine but if not other options need to be considered. The other thing to note is that whilst the Contents policy covers losses occurring on or at the home what if your Designer watch is lost or stolen whilst away from the home?

Again there are options depending on the value of the Designer Watch; As with the House hold contents policy it is possible to extend this to cover unspecified items of valuables whilst away from the home .This also has the added benefit of providing an accidental damage option not always covered under a Household Contents policy. The benefit of this Personal possessions extension is that it provides an accidental damage option whilst in the home as well as providing cover whilst away from the home.

As with the House hold Contents policy this cover is subject to a SAL which will again vary from Policy to policy and will need to be checked against the value of the Watch. Also exclusions may apply that would restrict or prohibit payment in certain circumstances and again these should be checked with the individual insurer as they may vary. This may attract a small additional premium above that of a normal Household Contents policy to reflect the increased risk to Underwriters as they are now insuring items away from the home. This option may again be satisfactory if the value of the Designer watch is below the SAL.

For high value Designer watches the only safe way to ensure that the watch is correctly insured to to insure the watch as a specified item.

This is done by actually naming the item on the policy and providing  a specified sum Insured .This is normally done by providing the valuation of the item provided at the time of purchase ,which is normally the purchase price. This coupled with a detailed description of the watch should allow Underwriters to accept this as a specified item under the policy .As with the unspecified Personal Possessions certain exclusion may apply and an additional premium will be payable

As with all Sums Insured these should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are correct and adequately reflect the value of the items being insured    

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