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SUMMARY: Clearly, this designer does not enjoy fame or flash. Just try to find a decent bio of her on the internet. Check out her website, I bet that you will check the url at least once to make sure that you have the right website. It just’s a simple one page Yahoo! website that anyone could have created in a day. Wonder if it was some type of minimalist artistic expression or just being cheap. Probably depends upon who’s asking.

The designer also has a modest representation on the major shopping portals. Amazon has three items at this time while Shopzilla, more so than Bizrate, has a decent representation of the range of her items. If you require a broader selection, you might contact the individual stores listed to see if they can special order an item. The top two eBay stores that carry this label have either a short history or a good but not great feedback rating. Below are links to search results for this brand:

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How Custom Clothing Builds Your Brand and Improves Relationships

Author: Melvin Woods

To get a competitive edge, professionals are always looking for inventive ways to market their organization. Having custom clothing made is the perfect way to ensure that your business improves its brand visibility and conveys a cohesive message. There are several reasons why promotional apparel is excellent for getting your company\'s name out to more prospects and potential partners and separating your team from the crowd.

Making Employees Identifiable                                        

When people see a shirt with your company\'s logo on it, they will know that the person wearing it is a representative for the company in some capacity. This is important for events like trade shows and conferences, where people will often run into many different professionals in a particular industry. Unique clothing will make your team members stand out so that they are easily identifiable if people need to communicate with them.

Improving Brand Recognition

The more people see a particular company name or logo, the more likely it is that they will remember the business. Custom clothing is an effortless way that you can reinforce your brand. Even when you do not actively talk about it, people will constantly be exposed to your company name and brand by seeing it on a hat or jacket. You may even be able to come up with a business slogan or special logo for your custom clothing that customers will recognize and associate with your company.

Reinforcing the Company Message

Consider the type of custom clothing that you get created when you think about what type of message you would like to send to your prospective customers and business partners. For example, if you want to convey the fact that your business is competitive, you may choose to get clothes with a sports theme, such as jerseys. On the other hand, if you are looking to give off a sense of professionalism, you might prefer choosing dress shirts that have a company logo printed on them. Accessories like hats or jackets may be a good way to show how your company can complement other areas of someone\'s life.

Serving As Gifts to Customers

Everyone likes to show the world their choice in sports teams or clothing brands. Why not have them also show off their decision to do business with your organization? While custom clothing worn by customers of a business is more common in certain industries, it can occur in many fields. This is especially true if your clothing is designed in such a way that makes it stylish to wear and is created using high quality materials. Custom clothing that is offered as a gift to customers is an excellent way to increase loyalty by showing these customers that you care about them.

Any business will benefit from having more people see their name and logo. To promote your company while also strengthening your brand, custom clothing is an excellent option. Look to get custom clothing made that epitomizes the things that you want to say to people about your business.

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