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SUMMARY:Normally parents wouldn’t recommend that their daughter move overseas but I would guess that this designer's parents would recommend it in a heartbeat. She was a music publicist in France who followed her American boyfriend to New York City and then took up an interest in fashion. The move seems to have worked out well.

But someone needs to let Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla know that she’s a success because I can’t find her items on their websites. Don’t know if this is a distibution strategy of hers but the brand does not seem so exclusive that it would be ruined by being on those shopping portals. Strangely enough, there was not a huge representation of this label on eBay, either. The eBay store that carries this brand has a healthy track record and strong feedback. If I were a fan of this label and a discount shopper, I would get in touch with the owner of this store and ask her to add more this label to her selection. Nothing motivates an eBay seller by having a buyer already willing to purchase a requested item.

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Statement Sterling Silver Rings with Imported Zirconia

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Indians have always valued gold and silver over any other metal for jewellery. Even when we shop for fancy jewellery, we prefer to buy silver jewellery as it will have some resale value. Though there are quite a number of online jewellery shops that give you imitation jewellery, they cannot guarantee the quality. Only a few e-commerce jewellery stores know the importance of your investment & work towards giving you the quality of handcrafted silver jewellery at rates you can afford.

When you wear sterling silver rings, you not only want to look good, you want to give a good impression of wearing high fashion jewellery. Online jewellery shops can give a good selection of affordable sterling silver earrings, pendants and bracelets. With white zirconia that look exactly like diamonds and green stones that look just like emeralds, the sterling silver earrings and pendant sets will blow your mind away.

Gifting silver jewellery will also not be a problem for you now. There\'s no need to worry that the silver will tarnish when worn often. A 10 year warranty on imported sterling silver jewellery assures the buyer that the silver will remain sparkly even after years of continuous wear.

Blue stones that look like sapphires, orange stones that look like citrines or amber adorn the most delicate sterling silver earrings. Wear these to work with your favourite salwar sets or to the pub in your boldest LBD.

Accessorise your look with sterling silver rings so that you draw attention to your nail art. If you have long hair, make sure you pull it away from your face to show off your sterling silver earrings & pendant. Gift a new mother or your newly betrothed friend from junior college a sterling silver pendant and earrings set, she will definitely use it during her honeymoon.

Silver jewellery can be worn with everywhere too. It will not look gaudy or out of place when you\'re hanging out with your friends at a coffee shop. The same couple of sterling silver rings will make your outfit stand out when you go clubbing. A quiet dinner at a restaurant or a walk on the beach will keep your sterling silver earrings shining like new.

Just remember to check that the online jewellery shop that you buy from offers fully insured free shipping. They should also carry a 30 day exchange which means in case of any misunderstanding or loss, you will be compensated. The best jewellery you can own is sterling silver earrings and pendant sets that will look on you any time of year.

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Ritu Khanna is a notable gemmologist and jewellery blogger who loves to handcraft silver jewellery. She also loves to buy cheap silver necklaces from local artisans & helps them to gain an online presence.

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