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SUMMARY:I like the idea of a designer being able to provide stylish but eco-friendly items. I haven’t gathered yet from the official website how this label's jewelry is eco-friendly but since a lot of fashion designers don’t even mention that as a quality of their items, then obviously it must mean a lot to Carol Raphaelian, the founder. Bizrate/Shopzilla has an odd selection of these items. They run from highly affordable and then jump abruptly to much less affordable. The top eBay selling these items is very very young, but has an excellent reputation. It also carries the items from this brand that bridge the gap pricewise between Bizrate/Shopzilla low and high-price offerings. My feeling is that since you don’t hear much about counterfeiting, I would recommend the top two eBay sellers for this label should Bizrate/Shopzilla not have what you want and then check Amazon.

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5 apparel essentials every fashionable woman should have

Author: David Robarts

Need to go out for a last minute bash or just a sudden outing? Your school buddies have dropped in at your place and require from you to run out supper with them at an extravagant spot and you are finding it hard to decide what to wear? Alternately, do you have the ideal top to wear yet not so flawless bottoms and you are in a fix as to what should be teamed with it? While welcoming a new season, fresh collections are yet to be launched and what you already possess seems so predated? Its time you go in for an absolute closet overhaul and load it with these essentials. These are all-season apparels, which will go with any and every occasion, without putting you in a fix!

In this post, I will blanket the most timeless and fundamental fashion pieces you should have to make a stunning and voguish wardrobe. They\'ll help you through work weeks, meals with in-laws, work soirees, day and night outs, and a lot more. These are timeless pieces, so don\'t be reluctant to spend extravagantly on them. But for smarter shoppers, buying leggings and jeggings and other women apparel online is a preferred choice! This exposes them to enormous variety, lot of convenience and bargain prices.


No wardrobe is complete without a pair of skinny, slim fit jeans that hug you in all the right places and brings out your sexiest best. No matter what body size you are, you should have a pair. You can definitely try the variations, like boyfriend jeans, trouser style or boot-cut jeans as per your liking. Dark-washed denims are oh-so-evergreen-cool!

Leggings and jeggings

This is another true essential. Leggings and jeggings are very versatile as they can be clubbed with both ethnic and western wear. They are extremely comfortable, soft and trendy. The best part is that they give shape to the legs, conceal the bulge, which makes legs look slender and pretty. Settle for nothing but the best and Buy leggings and jeggings online for maximum savings.

Button down shirt

A quintessential button down shirt goes with literally anything. Wear it with camisole inside or throw over a chic waist coat; you are primed for just about any occasion. Wear it with pants or skirt, it\'s the most adaptable wear and blends well with casual, formal or even a dressy wear look.   

Long boots

The numerous ways you can wear a basic pair of long boots in solid colour is interminable. You need these boots to supplement and mix with any outfit, so search for the ones with no embellishments. It\'s only intelligent to not buy heels taller than 2″, so they don\'t torture your feet if you walk for a long time.

Black pumps

I cannot picture any lady on the planet doing without a pair of wearable, classy and timeless black heels in her wardrobe. This evergreen footwear looks great from weddings to sorority get-togethers and from intimate dates to job interviews. Go minimalistic and search for a pair that\'s neither too pointed nor too rounded.

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