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SUMMARY: I have to give a split recommendation here on where to search for this label because of the product selection on the websites. If you are looking to purchase perfume or cologne than it’s pretty much a toss-up among Shopzilla, Bizrate and Amazon because they are selling vials for less than a dollar. When Bizrate/Shopzilla and Amazon are the same in their pricing, I recommend Bizrate/Shopzilla because their search results are easier to browse. For items other than fragrances then it’s time to look for fanatical fans of this label among eBays power sellers. For this I would go to the eBay stores search page and type in the brand name and also limit the search results to clothing, apparel and accessories. This way you exclude the many purveyors of this brand’s fragrances and make your searching much easier. The store currently listed in your search results as having the most of this brand’s items is the one I recommend, based upon her history of transactions.

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Accessorize Your Outfit with Scarves and Become a Style Icon

Author: Nikky Prasad

Wear a scarfand you will certainly convert your plain looking dress into an elegant one. This piece of fabric has the power of making you look classy and attractive. Even Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt would agree, who used to wear delicately woven scarves combined with conical headdresses.

Switching to the modern times, this accessory has a prominent place in the most fashionable women\'s wardrobes today. It not just adds color and style to your garment but also gives you a sense of composure and warmth.

Must-have scarves for you

Read on to find out 4 kinds of basic scarves that will match with nearly all kinds of dresses that you prefer.

  • Bandana

It is the best kind for wearing during the summers. The fabric is light and breezy and you will feel highly comfortable while giving an edge to your outfit. This style adds an element of fun to your personality.

  • Shawls

Perfect for feeling cozy in a chilly weather, shawls make you appear friendly. These accessories are very suitable for those days when you may have to take them off later. Unlike jackets that are cumbersome to carry around, shawls are very handy during changing temperatures.

  • infinity scarf

Are you wearing a layered dress? Then, wear this type of scarf. Your dress will look fabulous due to its unique looped appearance. You will find them in almost every color and attractive patterns.

  • Leopard print

This style was in vogue in the 50s. However, it has made a comeback and seems to stay for good. Its perpetual appeal lies in the way it complements most fabric colors such as brown, red, black, white and yellow.

Get them in your personal hue and create a style

Choose the color that blends with your personality. Wearing the hue that expresses your persona will make you comfortable and happy.

For instance, are you passionate, adventurous, and a go-getter? Then, the red ones are meant for you. Similarly, for cheerful, optimistic and warm ladies, yellow is the color for this accessory. If you think that you are responsible, steady, and dependable, go straight for the blue ones and you will feel a surge of joy and confidence immediately.

Innocent, sweet, charming personalities are at home in pinks. Are you an animal lover, who appreciates nature and believes in fighting all odds with dignity? Then, green is your color.

Tips for taking care of your scarf

While washing this accessory, you should be very gentle, especially if you own silk scarves. Do not machine wash them. Silks tend to snag and bleed in water. Hence, add some table salt while adding soap. Then, use distilled white vinegar in water for the final rinse.

Rather than squeezing soap water out of the fabric, hold it in running water for removing soap. Next, take a towel, place the scarf on it and roll the towel. Press it gently. The moisture from the fabric will be soaked by the towel. Finally, instead of hanging, lay the fabric on another dry towel for complete drying.


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