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Styles and Accessories for Looking Downright Gorgeous in Evening Dresses

Author: Nikky Prasad

Evening dresses are unmistakably the right choice when you have been invited to a party. Are you undecided which style will suit you best? The following paragraphs will provide you with all the details regarding the styles and the best accessories that look fabulous with an evening dress.

-        Wrap

Do you wish to project the ultra-feminine look? The wrap evening dress is the answer. It looks as though the outfit is made of single piece of fabric; just like the gowns that were worn during the long-gone centuries. These formal evening dresses are suitable for those occasions when you wish to flaunt your curves in a sophisticated way. For instance, if you are to attend a formal party, a wrap evening dress will let you draw admiring looks from all.

-        Fitted and semi fitted

A fitted evening gown looks fantastic when you are visiting a club or a bar. If you have an hourglass figure then this type of gown is best for you. It will highlight your curves and you will look classy. On the other hand, if you have a pear-shaped figure then semi-fitted evening dress is the perfect option. It will hug your bust while draping loosely over the hips.

-        Corset

A corset evening gown will allow you to have a curvaceous figure right away. The corset will flatten your stomach and will smoothen the bulges that otherwise may become visible in a gown. Nevertheless, you should take great care while buying this type of gown. The corset should not be too tight. By wearing a comfortable corset gown, you will create a natural-looking slim figure.

-        Floor length

When you wish to play safe, go for a floor length evening gown. The gown looks stunning on tall women. Moreover, irrespective of your body type, you can wear it. Long evening dresses are available in all types – wrap, corset, fitted and semi-fitted. 

Choose perfect accessories

-        Jewelry

Even if the evening gown is gorgeous, bad jewelry can ruin the look. Opt for subtle jewelry that will complement your outfit. Go for heavy jewelry only when it does not overwhelm the appearance of the gown. For instance, if you are wearing a wide neck gown then a crystal-encrusted necklace will do it justice.

-        Bags

Bags that have straps or are bulky will destroy the aura of the attire. Go for small bags like clutches. You can match the color of the clutch with the color of your evening gown. Yet, in all scenarios, an embellished bag will look elegant.

-        Shoes

Heels go well with evening gowns. Black heels look good with almost all dark colored gowns. It is important to maintain a confident gait while walking in an evening gown. Hence, you should practice wearing heels at home.

-        Stoles

Sleeveless sexy evening dresses look exquisite when paired with stoles. The best fabrics for stoles are silk and velvet. Drape it over the shoulders or through the elbows. The length of the stole is a personal choice.







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