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SUMMARY:If you are the type of person who loves to rub it in the face of her friends how much better her taste in fashion is than theirs, then you will love this label. When I saw the name, the closest thing I could think of in popular culture to the sound of the name is Akon, the singer who sometimes has bad judgment. This is an old Swiss brand that traditionally does very little advertising, does not produce fragrances or handbags and does not license its name. Most of its advertising has been through trunk shows and word-of-mouth. To have become a top seller in stores such as Nieman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, it has relied on the quality of its designs and its fabric, which sometimes takes years to develop. The cool thing is that the company has a more affordable line, Punto. You won’t find this on Amazon for whatever reason, but you can find a decently affordable, but not cheap selection on Bizrate/Shopzilla. If those prices are still too high for you, then head to eBay and check out the eBay stores that carry the first and second largest selection of this label. They are relatively young but have excellent feedback and highly affordable prices for this label.

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Where to Find Cheap Designer Handbags in Los Angeles

Author: Peter Jones

Before I begin, let me admit, I have craze about collect latest fashion handbags. Where other women collect shoes, jewelry. I collect handbags, purses and wallets. Since I moved to Los Angeles, California several years ago. I\'m ashamed to say I\'ve bought more than 100 bags, most of which I\'ve never used but, who cares about that, they were cheap. Los Angeles, I believe, is the world capital for cheap places to buy backpacks, purses and wallets. After all, when the average bag is less than $10, what other city in the world can say that?

For women like me who love to collecting handbags, when you\'re next deciding where to take a trip, you\'d be crazy to not come to Los Angeles. With thousands of shops and markets retailing dirt cheap handbags, you want know where to start shopping. But, don\'t worry, I can tell you.

Fashion Island (FI) - fashion Island located in Newport Beach. One of the best place to buy cheap designer handbags, purses and wallets. Fashion Island mall in one of the Los Angeles\'s cheapest shopping destination. Here you can find various types of leather, designer handbags at cheap cost.

In FI, you will find the over 200 shops. These are market shops where every bag is $10 and sell everything. Backpacks, leather luggage, designer luggage, canvas bags, hobo bags, tote bags, cartoon character bags, crocodile bags, messenger bags, enormous cotton bags, they\'re all one these shops and all sell for $10.

On the ground floor, FI has the leather bag shops. These shops sell higher-end leather good-bags, wallets, purses, full sets of baggage. Several of them are knock-offs of designer handbags, others are leather bags made by local craftsmen. You\'ll find the whole thing from small leather clutch bags selling for $15 to stunning leather wallets or fancy crocodile skin for several hundred dollars.

If you can\'t find a bag at Fashion Island, seriously, there\'s something wrong with you.

Westfield Century City - Grab your sunglasses and sunscreen when visiting Westfield Century City. This mall gives Los Angeles a great rep for gorgeous weather, outdoor living and beautiful people. Westfield Century City is one of my favorite place to buy bags is the world\'s famous weekly weekend market, Westfield. There are more than 1000 shops in this shopping place.

Westfield is a wonderful place to buy leather handbags only at $90. It\'s also an amazing place to buy designer bags, wallets and purses made by independent designer. At Westfield, you\'ll find the most unusual bags in Los Angeles. Just one world of caution, if you find a luggage you love, buy it. If you don\'t the chances of ever being able to find the stall again are just about zero - the market is that large.

Downtown Market - Now talking about the Los Angeles\'s famous downtown market. One of my secret places is a small bag shop at Downtown Market in Los Angeles. Downtown market is also known as the wholesale market. Here you can buy designer handbags in wholesale price. All wholesaler of Los Angeles are situation in Downtown market. There are 2 major shops at downtown market, first is Fashion Lanes and second is Wholesale Handbag Shop. These shops are one of my favorite shops for shopping handbags. Here you can buy any type of bag, purse and wallet in the starting price of $5. These shops are also providing the online shopping. Just go to site url and your bags shipped to your door.

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you can also buy the cheap handbags online in Los Angeles. i can show you some major handbags website where you can find designer handbags in cheap price.

1. Fashion Lanes

2. Wholesale Handbag Shop

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