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SUMMARY:This label is another one of those cases where their selection is different on different sites. There’s currently only one (expensive) listing on Amazon, but there's a few more on Bizrate/Shopzilla and a few more on eBay. What’s interesting is that while Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla are generally good discounters, the top eBay store selling these items completely destroys them in price. In fact, though the store has an excellent reputation, you have to wonder why its prices are so low. The eBay store with the second largest collection also has an excellent reputation and cheaper prices than the Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla, but not eye-poppingly cheap. My recommendation is that you check with the eBay sellers and be cautious that you get items that are in excellent condition. Below are links to search results for this brand:

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Five Reasons To Choose a Baby Cloth Diapers

Author: wills2013

If you or someone you know is expecting a new bundle of joy, you might be wondering if you should choose disposable or cloth diapers . It\'s important to consider a few things before you go into either- though many people opt simply for what they believe to be the most convenient or conventional option. A good rule of thumb is to consider what\'s best for your baby and your budget, but also, the environment. There are biodegradable disposables out there, now, but they are a bit more expensive than the other options. However, cloth, cheaper than disposables in many cases have many reasons for being popular apart from the obvious lesser impact on the environment.

  1. Baby\'s comfort. If you\'re looking at it strictly from baby\'s point of view, cloth diapers win hands down in the comfort department. Most cloth diapers consist of a square of cotton fabric that is about 5-7 piles thick. When you compare that to two layers of pressed wood pulp that\'s surrounded by a slicky film made out of polypropylene, polyethylene, and other types of plastic- well, it\'s just better from the start. Going further, that goo inside of the disposable is a gel like substance that sticks right to the skin. Cloth works with natural materials and breathable cotton helps keep baby dry without much risk of skin irritation.

  2. Cost. Initially when parents look at the start up, it seems like cloth is more expensive, but it is not. Whether you\'re using pocket diapers or prefold cloth diapers, cloth baby diapers are the least expensive option. Consider that the average infant will need about 70-80 diaper changes any given week. Doing a cost analysis across the popular brands of disposable verses a cloth alternative, the National Association of Diaper Services found that parents who choose cloth spent about $17.50 each week, where as disposable using parents spent $40.00.

  3. Health. The Archives of Environmental Health did a study in 1999 that revealed the emissions of chemicals from three brands of well known disposable diapers caused breathing and heart problems In lab mice. The more repeated exposure, the greater the impact. Based on that, lead author in the study Anderson concluded that those same chemicals found in the disposable diapers were likely to trigger or worsen already existing asthma.

  4. Earlier Potty Training. Cloth diapered children have been shown to potty train roughly one year earlier than children wearing disposables, studies have found.

  5. Re-usability. Most cloth diapers are reused on average about 100-150 times. A disposable is used once and tossed. Even if you don\'t plan on using your cloth diaper for later children, they do have a lot of practical uses. Pre fold cloth diapers make great polishing cloths.

    These are just five of the reasons why are a great option for your family. There are many more. Any parent who has pocket diapers, fitteds, or even prefolds with their children will be happy to tell you a few of their own.


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