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SUMMARY:The question that I have about the name of this label is why is the word “ Niteline “ there? Is it because this is his line of evening gowns that are worn at night? But don’t most people assume that evening gowns are worn at night, making the “ Niteline “ part of the name redundant? I don’t know. It would have been just as relevant to name the label Aidan Mattox Notcheap, because that’s what these dresses are. If you are a celebrity or someone who thinks nothing about spending 300 dollars for anything, these may be cheap, but for the average woman in this current 2009 economy, you will feel this in your pocketbook. The odd thing here is that the shopping portal with the best selection usually also has the most affordable items, but here that’s not the case. Amazon had one listed dress that was relatively affordable and you may find small, but affordable selections of this label with the highly reputable power sellers who run the stores with the largest collection of this label on eBay. If you cannot find what you want there, then go to Bizrate/Shopzilla, but bear in mind that you may easily pay double the prices found on Amazon or eBay.

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Designing A Custom Suit - The Process

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With a view to the coming launch of our GBC custom suits, travelling tailor service, we felt that it was only right that we get a couple of custom suits made up for ourselves. Every job has its perks and this is one of ours. My co-founder Mr Matthew McIntyre & I were measured up On Tuesday before sitting down to choose our fabrics. 

I had my heart set on something from the Holland & Sherry range and I imagined myself in something business appropriate that wouldn\'t look out of place at the bar or out to dinner in the evenings. I thought to myself \'every man needs a great navy suit but I want something with a little personality that can be worn regularly.' I\'m a big fan of the Prince of Wales check: something subtle enough to wear at work, yet expressive enough to show a little character. Holland & Sherry have a number of navy (as well as grey) Prince of Wales check patterns in a variety of quality and weights. Running my fingers along each of them including a soft super 120s and a similar, more durable but slightly less-soft pure merino worsted, I made my final decision. 

Matt was leaning towards one of our house cloths, a charcoal grey, until I remarked that it reminded me of our old school uniform to which he replied 'I\'m not going to be able to forget that now.' And he decided on a dark navy. 

Having chosen the more durable, merino worsted over the Super 120 we opened the style book to discuss our design options. Matt opted for a peak lapel to his single-breasted suit, a la Harvey Spector. At risk of an inflated ego in the office, I hesitate to admit that, observing his choice I thought to myself 'That\'s a good choice, those peak lapels will frame your square shoulders nicely.' He made a great choice following Gabriel Macht\'s character in the US hit shows \'Suits.\' Like Macht, Matt has a built frame, is tall, dark and attractive to the red blooded female. 

Myself, I opted for traditionally sized, notched lapels on a 2 button single-breasted jacket with subtle pick stitching detailing: a nice sign of a custom suit. 

The experience of customising a suit, consciously choosing every single detail is an eye-opening experience. It allows us to see inside the clothes we wear and why we wear them. Our choices say a lot about us and that is an incredibly creative, liberatingly expressive experience and it is as much for this reason as much as anything that custom suits are so desirable. It\'s not about cheap, disposable convenience. It is about personal choices, expression and timeless care for ourselves, the way we treat our appearance and what that says about us as individuals. 

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