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SUMMARY: I thought that this brand was so named because using an initial instead of a last name sounds hip. However, the designer’s actual last name is Trouble’. Her last name might be challenging to pronounce correctly, but whenever you have a French name and you're selling fashion, why not use it?

Maybe Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla are spelling her name as Agnes Trouble because I couldn’t find anything listed under the actual brand name. It’s not as if this is some completely obscure brand, either. Sometimes brands get really strict with their distribution to preserve their image but I don’t know if that’s the case here. Whatever the reason, it’s eBay to the rescue again. The top two eBay stores that carry this brand have excellent reputations and in the case of the store that carries the largest amount of this brand, a long history of transactions. By default here, I recommend eBay.

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Add More Elegance to Your Legs with Stunning Anklets

Author: Nikky Prasad

Right accessories can transform your appearance from ordinary to fabulous. By wearing anklets, you can come across as stylish and classy with least effort. This accessory was a symbol of rank and wealth in ancient Egypt. Women of the elite classes used to wear the pieces that were made of valuable metals like gold and silver. Also known as ankle bracelets, today, you need not spend a fortune to possess this jewelry. You can get them at affordable rates from concrete fashion stores and online.

Being worn on the lowest part of the legs, the anklets are wrongly underestimated for their capacity to add to a woman\'s beauty. The truth is that this jewelry completes the wearer\'s appearance. Your gait that forms a strong part of your personality gets a boost. When you walk wearing anklets, you appear more vibrant.

Types of Ankle Bracelets

Huge eye-catching varieties exist in anklets. You will find them in lighter materials like hemp strands as well as created from gold, silver, and platinum. The pieces are made more interesting with charms, pendants and multiple chains. Some of them are studded with rhinestones and beads in magnificent colors.

Tips for Choosing the Best Anklets

This accessory when worn right can create a great fashion statement for you. First of all, the piece should be in harmony with your ankle size. If your ankle is slender and delicate, you should wear thin ankle bracelets. However, if your ankle is well-rounded, you should definitely go for the heavily set pieces.

Certain mistakes while sporting anklets can make you look tacky. Pay attention definitely to the nature of occasion while wearing this jewelry. Some women believe that this jewelry is not meant for formal occasions. It is not true. You just have to be picky.

For formal events, you should not wear anklets that are studded with beads and stones. Such occasions need you to look elegant. Hence, you should put on fine pieces that sparkle. If you plan to wear this accessory for casual outings like visiting a bar or party, you can select the ones that are flashy and have riot of colors.

It is also important to choose the right outfit with this piece of jewelry so as to enhance the beauty of your legs. Stay away from cumbersome dresses, and wear skirts, capri pants, shorts or beautiful sundresses. As for the footwear, any item without straps will be fine. Wear flip-flops or sandals minus straps for the ultimate look. Before wearing this amazing fashion piece, moisturize your legs and ankles very well.

Mistakes to Avoid for Sure

Choosing cheap material for this jewelry is not advisable when you want to wear it every day. You have to remember that your feet work a lot in a day. If you wear a piece that is made of inexpensive material, it can break very fast. Hence, the material should be platinum, gold or silver, as these metals are capable of handling daily wear and tear without losing shine. You will also remain safe from allergic reactions.


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