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SUMMARY: This is the anti-bling bling. Personally, I like understated fashion and this is definitely it. When you wear something that doesn’t scream money to the world, it makes you seem like the top of person who has the means to impress but who is secure enough in him or her self not to.

Maybe Amazon doesn’t feel the same way. I just saw three items there. They were all affordable but their selection is noticeably smaller than what you find on Bizrate/Shopzilla and that usually isn’t the case. Bizrate and Shopzilla both share a better selection and they go range from inexpensive to affordable but not cheap. However this one of those times when an eBay store with the right connections is able to outdiscount the shopping portals. The eBay store carrying the largest number of this label has a noticeably more affordable selection than either Bizrate/Shopzilla or Amazon. When that happens, I always want to know more about the seller’s background, but in lieu of that here, I have to appreciate that this young power seller has perfect feedback. Below are links to search results for this brand:

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The Common Sense Guide To Breaking In Your New Shoes

Author: gbconduct

The one advantage, besides price, that high street shoes have over the leather, well-made kind is that you slide them on and go, pain-free into the day. With any worthwhile pursuit there is a price to pay. And so it must be with nice shoes. I recently bought a pair of handmade, goodyear welt, black leather oxfords and, in my haste, wore them out and about the next day. Now, I don\'t tend to carry a spare pair of shoes on me so I spent the day in pain, walking like a crippled penguin.

Were you to ask my friends, they\'d tell you common sense wasn\'t something I was blessed with at birth, but there must be a way to break in new leather shoes before arriving at the point in which you feel the urge to drive over them in a croc-wearing fit of Calpol induced rage. According to a recent Telegraph article, Calpol sells 12 million bottles a year. I\'m not sure there are even 12 million children in the UK - and even if there were, I\'d be worried if they averaged a bottle each a year - so I can\'t be alone in preferring it to paracetamol tablets. Calpol & rusks. Two things I may never grow out of. Definitely not rusks. Anyway, long digression. So I googled \'how to break in new shoes\'. 

I\'m going to begin with a list of \'WHAT NOT TO DO\' which is worryingly similar to many of the google answers of what others are telling us to do. 

DO NOT get someone else to wear them in for you. If you have someone in your life that cares so much for your pain free feet (I\'m not judging) that they\'re willing to wear your shoes for you, then you\'re a fortunate soul. But don\'t let them do it. They\'re your shoes. You want to mould them to your feet. 

DO NOT dowse your shoes in petrol. Crackpot remedies are us. Not only will you stink like a petrol station forecourt, which may be a nice thing if you like the smell of petrol, but it\'s a fire hazard. You stop for a quick chat with a colleague outside work, she flicks the ash from her cigarette and woosh. Your feet are alight. Imagine that. It may be true that petrol will soften the leather, moulding the shoes to your feet more quickly meaning that they won\'t rub and you\'ll be pain free, but they will also strip the leather of their natural oils leading them to dry and crack.  

DO NOT hammer/ bash/ crush the backs. Yes, most of the pain may come from the heels. Yes, you may want to bash them if they aren\'t broken in yet, but don\'t. You\'ll do permanent damage and your new, expensive shoes will look stupid. That\'s why shoe horns are important. They aren\'t only convenient, they stop you crushing the backs. So get a shoe horn. Do not crush the backs.

So, what do I do? 

Buy the shoes in advance. Got a big date coming up or an important interview? Get them a week, or at least a few days in advance. Wear your shoes at home until they begin to hurt: take them off. Polish them to keep the leather soft & supple. Wear them again when your feet are no longer hurting, this time a little longer. Repeat until they are worn in, without wearing out the skin on your feet along with your will to live. 

If you\'re pushed for time, wear an older pair to work and whilst in the office wear your new shoes in. Walking from the desk to the copier or out to lunch might not be too painful. When it starts to hurt, you have your old pair with you.

Other Shoes Care Tips:

*Give shoes a polish before use.

*Wipe the soil off shoes when finished with use and polish them if you aren\'t to wear them again soon.

*Let them air when wet by stuffing with newspaper and laying them on their side. Do not put them near heat.

*Keep them on wooden shoe trees to maintain their shape.

*Avoid wearing them two days in a row if you can.

A good pair of shoes is an investment, perhaps for life, if treated correctly. As I said at the start, paying the price is a law of life. If you want to take a shortcut, you must pay a price too. The price of the shortcuts to breaking in your new shoes makes a mockery of the price you paid to buy them. You didn\'t pay that much to ruin them as soon as you got them so look after them & treat them as you would a lady: keep them dry, give them some polish & put some wood in them. 


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