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Handmade Jewelry and Stamped Jewelry Are What Swoon Jewelry Studios Specialize In

Author: joel corthney

Handmade Jewelry is about the Personal Message

Jewelry is an extremely personal accessory. Often it is used to provide a visual clue to our attitudes, beliefs and passions. Purchasing stock jewelry takes the personalization and fun out of wearing jewelry. Yet when you wear handmade jewelry from Swoon Jewelry Studios, it makes a statement that you are an individual.


That is where Swoon Jewelry Studios in Louisville, CO. comes in. They specialize in custom, handmade jewelry, as well as stamped jewelry designed just for you. With a focus on making jewelry that tells a story or makes a statement, the folks at Swoon Jewelry Studios have a passion for their product that shines through in every piece they create.


You won\'t find any generic jewelry here.  All of their pieces are made by hand and crafted with love and care by individuals who not only understand metal working, but desire to inspire others with their work.  At Swoon Jewelry Studios, every piece of jewelry they create is special and made from the heart.


What Makes It Great

Stamped jewelry has been growing in popularity in recent years.  From a hobby in the back room to a major marketing presence, these popular and powerful pieces can be seen almost every day on women in every social circle. Their unique messages make them a great way to share your passions with the world you come in contact with. 


Sahra, the owner at Swoon Jewelry Studios has been creating these amazing pieces for nearly ten years and has a proven track record with thousands of women across America.  And recently, they added a line of stamped jewelry just for their male clientele.  There was such demand from the husbands of the women that were buying from Swoon Jewelry Studios, that Sahra decided to open a whole new line of handmade jewelry just for her insistent men.   


Producing wonderful pieces requires more than just the right equipment. It requires passion and a desire to tell a story.  Sahra and her creative team of hand crafters bring that passion to their work every day. One only needs to look at their inventory to see that they do more than shape metal and set stones.  They pour their very souls into every piece, and that is what makes it great.


A Piece for You

Sahra started the company with a desire to inspire new moms and share the beauty of handmade products. Her jewelry line includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  Each piece of handmade jewelry is a work of art and her stamped jewelry is no exception. While the original focus was women and new moms, there are also categories for girls, called Little Miss.  No matter what your desire is for handmade jewelry, contact the team at Swoon Jewelry Studios and they can make whatever your imagination can come up with.


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About the Author

Sahra Kahoon is the owner of the renowned Swoon Jewelry Studios, which is one of America\'s premier, handmade jewelry design houses.  Her custom stamped jewelry has thrilled thousands of women, children and men across the world.  She can be reached at or connect with Sahra on her blog.

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