Need Yoichi Nagasawa apparel at a discount?

Need Yoichi Nagasawa apparel at a discount? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

SUMMARY: The Spring Summer 2007 collection is named for Y. Nagasawa and was themed as "The Pirates Fiance". This label is known for the abundance of luxurious material in its styles. His apparel uses textured fabrics and has somewhat of a Victorian influence. This label has an extremely limited presence online. My shopping suggestion would be to find your favorite purveyor of exclusive fashion on eBay and let that seller know that you would be serious about purchasing an item from this label.

Other than that, I must say that this also a designer whose website design I love. The basic website design is not overly impressive, but the animated introduction is fantastic. The "produce" and "archive" sections are particularly weird and interesting and they should definitely be checked out. Definitely check out the link for exhibition information. The sculptures definitely have to be seen.

Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Yoichi Nagasawa


Since, as you can imagine, a good number of the blog search results are in Japanese and since I do not speak Japanese, there's only so many of the blog results that I can discuss here. Most of the posts that I was able to read displayed this designer's apparel worn by models on a catwalk. Much of what they wore looked like theatrical costumes and it was hard to tell what this designer plans to sell and what this designer constructed as a fashion exercise to be displayed on the runway. The effect of the strong Victorian influence on this designer's apparel is that when you look at runway photos of his apparel being worn by the models, you could for a second almost think that you were attending a play about the Victorian era.


Below are some more recent recommendations as far as places to search for bargains for Yoichi Nagasawa. Feel free to browse them as well as Itthe other links on this page, if you are searching for the absolute lowest prices for the selected items. Some obviously have much more extensive listings than others, but there's no way of predicting how and when listings will grow as their respective businesses grow. They in no way are meant to replace the recommended links previously mentioned:

eBid Online Auctions