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SUMMARY: Mr. Delcour was born in Tournai, France in 1970. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in London, he studied at the Institute of Visual Arts in Brussels. He learned the fundamentals of cutting garments by taking jackets apart. Delcour’s passions include rock culture and nightclubbing. His designs for men are contemporary and modern with minimalist styling, clean silhouettes and structured looks. In 2003, he introduced a line for women. Black and white are the featured colors in both the men’s and women’s lines. His designs for men are sleek and form-fitting, while ruffles and flowing fabrics are found in the Delcour lines for women.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Xavier Delcour

This guy has also the "I'm a designer but I think I'm a model too" thing going. Have you seen photos? He is seriously heavy on the brooding. Also pretty serious with the dark and hats. You must assume that a fashion designer who thinks he's a model also, must irritate career fashion models. Imagine doing your best on a stage, only to have someone who's only guessing what its like to be a model share the stage with you.


Gaudy. This is the fifth word in all of the google blog searches for this brand. Not good. Not very flattering. What's also bad is that it is the only complete sentence that you can find about the brand on the first page of results. What's even worse is that while this label is listed over and over again with a number of other labels, there is nothing obviously complimentary about it, which gives the impression that the brand is gaudy at worse and at best generates an a feeling of indifference. Perhaps, it would be advisable for this designer to do some blogging himself.


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