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SUMMARY: W. Cooper is a British-born fashion designer based in Australia. He is one of the most well-known designer of women's evening gowns. His designs are often featured in fashion shows in Japan, France, United Kingdom and the United States. His first label, Brave, launched in 1996, and later changed its name to that of the designer. These days if you are interested in one of his designs, you can find one at any of his Australian boutiques. You can also shop for this label at boutiques across the globe, but the easiest way to be sure to get your piece of this apparel is to browse the various eBay shops with limited selections of this label for the one that carries what you want.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Wayne Cooper

I must say that I don't know what the obsession is the one model who is all over the website, but someone seems to single-handedly want to make her career. She is cute, but not enough to justify being plastered all over the website. The other interesting thing about this designer is his appearance on the Australian version of "What Not to Wear". I know it doesn't necessarily burnish his credentials, but I happen to like the American version of the show. I wouldn't mind checking out the Wayne Cooper episode just to get a better idea of who he is and what his agenda is


As you type in the name of this label, Google offers you the option of selecting from one of several people with this name according to their occupation. The obvious option for this brand is "fashion designer". Wonder what happens if you don't choose this option? You get an article about how Li'L Wayne believes that the only one of the famous Manning brothers, Cooper, would have been the best NFL player of the three had he not been diagnosed with a career-ending condition. Apparently, someone who was like an uncle to Li'L Wayne used to watch all three brothers practice, always thought that Cooper was the prodigy. I find this interesting. I wonder if the designer does.


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