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SUMMARY: W. Noronha was finished his graduation from Central St. Martin and he started his career with the London Fashion week. This fashion week was conducted in the year 2002. He is one of the London’s rising talents. He is well known for his unique draping talent and tailoring techniques. His client list of includes Erin O’Connor, Kelis and Angelina Jolie and many other celebrities. He is an innovative creator and designer. Before beginning his career with his own label, he took training from Antonio Berardi. He is also the costume designer for the blockbuster X-Men.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Warren Noronha

There seems to be nothing about this guy that you could call boring. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, his father was a member of the band "Psychedelics", and his mother owns a company. Oh, his brother works at Saatchi. He was also mentored by designer Antonio Berardi and he was herald as the next "Alexander McQueen" and "the future of British fashion." It might have been somewhat of a disappointment to the family image, had this guy just become an accountant.


Once you select the version of search available for this designer's name with the word "fashion designer", it turns out to not be an advantageous set of results for him. I read enough on the results page to be curious about his venture, Mymag, although strangely enough, I was not able to find that website anywhere. I t seems that he is involve with an entity known as Teatum Jones, but it's not clear what capacity. The remainder seem to be random mentions of his name. If I simply search for the name "Warren Noronha" alone, then I come to learn that seem to quite a few men by this name, one of whom has an interesting set of photos on Flickr.


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