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SUMMARY: Ms. De Castellane designs "haute joaillerie" for Christian Dior. Their jewelry line was first launched in 1998. Her collection features very sentimental pieces of stunning jewelery. De Castellane's styles are big and bold because she wants them to be noticed, as she says jewlery is only beautiful because it gets noticed. She also likes her jewelery to be based on a story. For example, one of her pieces "The Milly La ForĂȘt" was inspired by Christian Dior's country house, with little fruit and vegetable gems for a look that imply that nature was captured and turned into stone. The line is based on pure talent and playfulness.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Victoire de Castellane

Oh what a colorful background this designer has. Sometimes it's a real hassle trying to find some colorful background but this woman has enough for three or four designers. She's descended from nobility, and also has family who were already in the industry. She was also the quirky, creative kid who came to school dressed in Mickey Mouse ears or devil's horn. Her life gives me the impression that the rules may have been a bit different than they were for most people. Had I come to school in devil's horns, that might have started a series of consequences that result in me winding up in the penitentiary.


Maybe sometimes fashion takes itself a bit too seriously. You can reasonably digest that fashion is intended to appeal to the subjective, irrational egos of the consumer. When fashion is presented that way, whether or not you agree, it at least feels honest. It's when fashion tries to claim an intellectual value, you have to throw your hands up and say "whoa, wait a minute". This designer claims to have "intellectual fashion". I'll let you be the judge.


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