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SUMMARY: Mr. Duek is an acclaimed Brazilian designer. His Forum line is known for its jeanswear, high quality denim, and more fashionable evening wear. The “Triton” brand features clothing which celebrates Brazilian femininity. The “Forum” line is marketed as part of this label internationally, and can be found for sale in over 150 stores in the USA. Designs include jackets, tube tops, dresses, shoes and fashionable leather bags. Many of his dress designs are in solid colors, and are sleek, sexy and flattering, although prints and bright spots of color can be found. Fabrics used include silk, satin and jersey, and many of the designs feature rivets, stars, ruffles and frills.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Tufi Duek

Did I say that the product line was sexy? Perhaps the common stereotype associated with Brazil is that it is a culture with a healthy appreciation for sexuality. This designer does nothing to dispute that assumption. Just take a look at the website. What greets you are models wearing apparel that shows a breathtaking amount of skin. Some of the skirts are slit so high that they call into question the true purpose of a skirt. This would probably not be the goto designer for winter apparel. What's also notable about the website is that it actually mentions and discusses the background of the model on the homepage. I think that's nice.


I guess the big deal for this label this year is the participation of Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana in their campaign. In the blog that I saw, I have to question the success of this partnership. For some reason, the model was wearing several designs by this label. Her makeup looked great and it was a gorgeous background. What was jarring though was how anorexic she looked. I googled to see if there was any controversy about how thin this model is and I could find none. Maybe the fashion industry has not come that far in their unhealthy standard for the feminine ideal body.


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