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SUMMARY: Mr. Varma is known as a pioneer of the Indian fashion industry. He built his reputation from fashion and costume designing. He is one of the founding members of the Fashion Design Council of India. He graduated from the London School of Fashion and eventually went back to India to design his own fashions collections. He studied under Yves Saint Laurent and Nicole Farhi. It took him two decades to establish his fashion line as a common household name. He has designed fashion for stars and movies like Monsoon Wedding. Mr. Varma has designed a line of clothing for many famous weddings parties. He has a very limited presence at major shopping portals and eBay.

Do you want controversy for your brand? Do you want to be known as risk-taking and cutting edge? Do what this designer did. He made Kama Sutra the theme for one of his fashion shows! Interesting concept, because one would assume that Kama Sutra has more to do with the absence of clothing than how it is styled. I am sure that many were willing to attend his show to gain an understanding of how Kama Sutra related to clothing. Can you imagine how his models would be dressed coming down the runway?

FROM THE BLOGS: Oh, I like this guy. A lot. I'm also a car nut so a designer who seems to have an interest in automobiles is someone that is exciting for me. What's even more interesting is that he didn't choose to associate with a boring brand like Kia or Chevrolet, but rather BMW. Apparently, the latest BMW 5 series inspired him to create his Auto Couture Collection. I haven't yet seen examples of this collection and would be curious about car-inspired clothing, but this does seem creative. It turns out that his other collections have also had themes, including poetry. Cars and poetry. How eclectic.


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