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SUMMARY: Not to rub it in, but did you know that Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is almost 35 as of this writing? Yes, this is same woman that Jerry Seinfeld raised eyebrows by dating and now she's almost the same age as he was when they were dating. Well anyway, that relationship is pop culture history and she's probably better known for her swimwear now.

When an item has a limited presence like this label does on eBay, I don't worry quite as much about counterfeiting. There are a few unofficial Shoshanna stores on eBay, and you will usually find this item as an afterthought alongside a variety of other items in the store. There is at least one power seller with a wide selecton of this brand so you definitely want to compare for items like blouses, etc. For the swimwear, if you have to have it brand new, you should check Bizrate/Shopzilla which has a huge selection of affordable swimwear. I've found it rare when Bizrate/Shopzilla has cheaper deals than Amazon for an item, but that is the case here.

It's a tastefully done website and her clothing and is fairly pricey (although it's highly discounted on eBay). It all rubs me the wrong way. You have the standard celebrities who are wearing my stuff link. You have a young, attractive designer with a full length photo on her blog that shows that she is definitely getting most out of gym membership. You have the very long accomplishment filled bio. And you even have the society page with all the rich folks getting married in all the places where you expect all the rich folks to be getting married. It all says "hey, we are all better than you!!!". Unless, you run in the same circles or higher, you are going to want to give this website the finger.


I guess I'm from the generation that recognizes this name as belonging to Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriend. Oh, how I aged myself to find that the name Shoshanna now belongs to a character on a popular television show. However, there are still mentions of this brand interspersed.


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