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SUMMARY:When they decided to come up with the brand name, Once Upon a Time in New York, I guess the idea was to make as clear as possible that this was streetwear. I don’t think with the name that it could be confused for anything else. The problem with so long a name is that if any retailer decides to abbreviate the name for their own convenience, your searching fun has just begun! In fact I still don’t know if this brand is on eBay, because I searched for it using the exact name. If it is on eBay and you find it abbreviated or spelled differently ask the seller for a discount for your searching troubles. The prices on Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla are identical and when that happens you should go to Bizrate/Shopzilla because it includes Amazon's results along with others and it’s easier to browse their search results than Amazon’s.

FROM THE WEB: Not really able to find much about the brand, so I will present what I can find about the phrase that makes up the name of this brand:

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The people over at KarmaLoop have gotten some fresh new gear in inventory. I figured that this would be an ideal opportunity to mention my new favourite clothes firm (for the following 24 hours or so), Once Upon a Time in NY. Their t-shirts are bold and make a press release, actually. Hahaha.