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SUMMARY: London Fog began its apparel business in 1938 when Israel Myers first designed waterproof coats during World War II for the Navy. This upscale apparel originally created for men, became a status symbol in rainwear. In the 1950's, it broadened its designs to include women's waterproof apparel introduced with a removable lining. By the late 1970's, the company again widened its collection, including apparel for children as well as pants, sweaters, luggage and stylish sunglasses. Two-thirds of all mid-to-upscale raincoats sold in the US are London Fog. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Stay Fresh in all Seasons with Cotton Salwar Suits

Author: Abhi Raj

Ever wondered what makes fabric an important consideration while buying an outfit? Fine fabric keeps the wearer comfortable, protects skin from harsh heat of sun or wind, and also adds to the grace and confidence. Cotton fabric is a perfect example and has all these attributes. Cotton salwar suits are simple and demanding and are becoming increasingly popular in today\'s world of fashion who still want to cling on to ethnic style. Cotton salwar suit is essential attire in every Indian female\'s wardrobe and these suits have evolved in trendy looks and attractive designs. This traditional outfit has broken the monotony of traditional design and has been modernized that goes perfectly with the body texture.

Cotton Salwar Suit

Summer season not only changes the climatic conditions but also changes the fashion; one can notice that the market is flooded with various cotton attires as the fabric is much demanded during this time of year. Female wardrobes gets a changeover in fashion and different cotton Salwar Kameez or Kurti fill the space as they are comfortable and elegant. Women love flaunting them as vibrant colors and stylish designs of cotton salwar suit imparts a pleasant look to the personality. Salwar suit is the love of Indian lady irrespective of their age and structure and are getting more influential with passing time due to the artistic and classic design.

This ethical outfit has spread its charm across the globe, one can see rise in demand even amongst overseas girls. The credit for upgrading this ethical outfit goes to the ingenious designers, the mixed bag of creativity and exotic mélange of shades have brought up the gleam of cotton salwar suit. Contemporary blend of cotton salwar suits offers numerous alternatives and are apt in fulfilling the giant fancies of women. Cotton salwar kameez are easy to wear, comfortable and very durable and have different variety like printed, plain or contrast color suits. Available in gooad and fine qualities, the fabric makes the wearer\'s skin breathable, thus the keeping the skin dry and fresh in hot summers. Indian women are addicted to cotton suits and one can see them wearing everywhere from daily wear to office wear.

Cotton salwar suits

Cotton suits are even embellished with embroidery work, making them perfect for parties and get together. These suits are easy to maintain and can be washed by hand or machine, some may require starch to make them look crisp. Cotton salwar kameez imparts a graceful look to wearer when worn properly which is the reason why working women prefer wearing them for business occasion or formal meetings. Women who are on the thinner side can get a fuller look with cotton suits. Pure cotton shrinks on the first wash, therefore pick a size bigger in case of stitched suits, in case of unstitched one it is advisable to wash the fabric before getting it tailored. Highlighted embroidery pattern like thread, sequins, mirror work etc are in fashion these days and empowers women to wear them on many occasion.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/fashion-articles/stay-fresh-in-all-seasons-with-cotton-salwar-suits-6736701.html

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