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SUMMARY:I’m trying to figure out if this brand is connected in some way to the jazz musician by this name. I thought that would be a really hip way to name a clothing brand. However, neither of the founders are the jazz musician and they don’t mention him on their website. Maybe the jazz musician should sue this brand for theft of coolness. And maybe Amazon should file a complaint for theft, also, because if they ever had this brand in stock, they have disappeared. You can find some of the apparel on eBay but there might have been at most two items under 20 dollars. My recommendation is for Shopzilla, not Bizrate. It’s difficult to understand why two shopping portals from the same company sometimes feature different products, but this is one case where it happens. Shopzilla has a limited but highly affordable selection. If you can’t find what you want there, check eBay as a backup. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Shopzill/BP - Leroy Jenkins


Tips For Buying Pet Clothing

Author: Sasha Brown

The very first thing you need to consider is the size of your pet. Unlike humans, there is no standard way of measuring pets. All you have to do is measure the length from collar base to the tail. And ensuring the standing position of your pet is compulsory.  The same rules apply to measure width as well, ideally the neck and stomach area measurement are considered to be width measurement of your pet. Read further aspects of Tips For Buying Pet Clothing

It is a well-known fact that, pets get wet and also they get dirty within no time. So is the reason you need to be extra careful while buying pet clothing, as they have to be machine washable. Else you are going to regret the choice of your buying. On the other side, always purchase good quality fabric as it is expected to undergo extensive machine washing, and the fabric should not get shrunken or worn-off. There should not be too many buttons or hooks in the pet clothing, as it might take you hours to dress up your pet, also you cannot expect your pet to stand at a position for hours together to dress up.


The choice of pet clothing decides on the weather as well. A tough sweater is always good for a dog or a pet in winter.  It is also a very famous choice to buy a coat for your pet. If you would like to spend lot of time outside in cold places or weather, an extra warm coat is suggested. The coat should fit well to your pet, and should not be a pain for it to wear.

Certain pets are nervous in nature, and they don\'t allow you to dress them up. As a solution to this, there is something called, an ANXIETY WRAP. In simple words it is a tight fitting dog coat. Veterinary researchers have proved that, this kind of pet clothing stimulates the skin to send signals to brain, so that the pet\'s awareness and focus increases. It is also a fact to accept that pets have their own beautiful skin which needs lesser clothing, but the globalization has affected the climate and it calls for extra clothing to pets as well. You can think of purchasing some clothes with holes in it, through which the skin of pets is visible partially. Thereby you can be proud of your pets beautiful skin as well!!

Lastly, if in case you decide to buy pet clothing online, it is really important to know that, the resolution of computer monitor or screen varies, and you should never ever consider the look alone. Always double check the measurement as suggested initially in this article. Also have a look at the return policy of the store you purchase your pet\'s clothing from.  As you will know your own pet very well, keep in mind about the colors which it hates. You should not end up buying clothes which irritates your pet, and this might cause troubles to others as well. Having said the above words, we wish a very happy shopping for your pets\' clothing.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/clothing-articles/tips-for-buying-pet-clothing-6777891.html

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