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SUMMMARY: Ms. Edmiston is known for her fashion designs. She is one of Australia’s leading fashion designers. She began in 1980 by creating her first fashion label. Her first label was named Marrissey Edmiston, which she ran with her former business partner. She receive recognition for her clothing and began to make a name for herself. She has clothed many celebrities including: Nicole Kidman, Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Cruise, Kylie Minogue, Michael Hutchence, Elle Macpherson, Harry Connick Jr., and Helena Christensen. It was not until 2001, that she launched a solo label with her new business partner Jeremy Ducker. The clothing she designs is unique, fun, and beautiful. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Ten trendy items that you must have in this fall

Author: sophiagong

1. Back-to-school blazer. Bring some serious style with this ready-to-hit-the-books look. A long, dark blazer comes in handy in cold weather, but it also gives people a confident, big-woman-on-campus feeling. Choose the blazer long enough to cover the butt, then pair it with dark jeans or bright vest. If you won\'t be late for the class, you can roll up your sleeves, expose your wrist, then wear a watch.

2. With a scarf. Though it\'s not the season for warm, knitted scarf, wearing a thin one is one of the fashion tendencies while creating back-to-school image. Couple your casual jacket with an eye-catching, patterned scarf by wrapping it only once around your neck or letting it hang loose. To add bonus point to a neutral coat, you can layer a couple lightweight scarves in contrasting colors.

3. Eye-catching accessory. Black leather is very bold, so it must be simple and decent. Try a leather clothing first like a jacket or pants, and pair with casual jeans or black T-shirt. You can be in black with a bight hat to present the style. The whole campus will get surprised.

4. Top it off. You can have lots of choices from beanie hats to bowler hats. So it\'s easy to catch this fall fashion trend. Combine a neutral fedora with casual T-shirt and jeans; or pair a bright beanie hat with casual cardigan and corduroy pants. For a bohemian look, you can pair a long dress with loose cotton shirt and a cowboy hat.

5. Time machine. 90\'s retro style is back in a big way. Pair midriff-bearing tops, checkered shirt, patterned T-shirt with cutoffs or shorts are popping up everywhere. For a grunge-like look, you can match checkered shirt with cowboy or leather vest, and Gothic style tights. For a 90\'s taste, you can try out this fall fashion trend by wearing a T-shirt with band pattern and pairing with boyfriend\'s jeans or cutoffs.

6. Everlasting fashion. Don\'t pack up your waist-decorated skirt. It matches well, this trend is sticking around for yet another season. Ready to have class? Pair waist-decorated shorts with dark pants or neutral skinnies. At weekend, these shorts and tops match well mental accessories.

7. Windbreaker. Choose it if you want to add something to your wardrobe. When you have to brave the cold weather from one classroom to another, it can shelter you against chilly wind and help you transit to the winter. Windbreaker in classic colors can defeat any coat. Bonus point is pairing it with gloves and bright shirt.

8. Come on, cowboy! Jeans have always been must-have. Nothing is better than wearing jeans when you\'re ready for having class. Denim clothing is a new fashion icon this fall. You can wash buttoned-collar denim jacket in various ways. And it\'s easy to find an adorable cowboy jeans jacket. Pair it with corduroy jeans shirt when you go to the library. You can break being in blue by putting on tops and shorts in contrasting colors.

9. Hip-hop boy. A new pair of shoes can make your back-to-school look shining: wedge sneakers. You can get a typical autumn style to pair wedge sneakers with skinny jeans, leather jacket, and lightweight scarf. And you can also wear them at weekends. For an unique look, combine them with a patterned mini-dress if you want to go out.

10. A Skirt. It presents your excellent-student style. Couple lightweight dark skirt with black tights in chilly weather. For a curvy look, you can also mix and match loose cardigan with flowing skirt or add a big jacket longer than your skirt.

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