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SUMMARY: Mr. Saunders was born in Scotland and became a fashion designer soon after working as a print designer in 2000. His first line of ready-to-wear clothing was introduced to the public in 2003 and he soon became noted for his unique combination of color and pattern in fabrics. Based in London, the label creates clothing for women that can be described as feminine and innovative. Geometric shapes and cutouts play a role in his designs that are meant to make his clothes fun to wear.

This apparel can be purchased through Bergdorf Goodman, Intermix, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter, and Jeffrey in New York City. Online, Shopstyle is a good place to start shopping and a link for them is below. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Jonathan Saunders

eBid Online Auctions


Pam177 Titanium – Now steal the glance of everyone

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Panerai has always been appreciated by their customers for their elegant yet simple beauty. They have launched a new watch which they called the Pam177 Titanium watch. Its remarkable features have made this timepiece an outstanding creation. The diameter of the case is 44 mm wide and the thickness is 15 mm. The dial and the sub dials are black in colour, the markers as wells as the needles are coated with original super luminova. It is displayed in a titanium case. It has a rubber strap with an anti-dust quality and a titanium buckle. The front glass is decorated with colourless sapphire crystals. It is water-resistant like every other branded Swiss watch. The most impressive feature of the Pam177 Titanium watch is that it has the 6497 manual winding movement.

One of the finest timepiece movements ever was the Unitas 6497 movement. It is used not just in pocket/wrist watches but in a number of other watches as well. It mainly got famous since it was popularized by Panerai. This movement was used in all their models namely PAM000, PAM176, PAM219, PAM177 and PAM217. All these watches have the Panerai 6497 Movement. The Momo Design is another brand which uses the Panerai 6497 Movement. They have recently designed a watch which they have named Pilot Titanium Mechanic. Watches by Cimier also use this movement.

Panerai is renowned for the excellent quality of their machinery. Panerai Titanium Replica watches are much in demand nowadays and are available in all the leading websites. These online sites give assurance to their customers that their Panerai Titanium Replica watches will have the same design and style and the same features that are found in an original Panerai Titanium watch. As a result of the availability of these watches at a cheaper rate in the market, the number of customers who are willing to buy them increased sharply. They have gained more reputation in the market. This movement was used in all their models namely PAM000, PAM176, PAM219, PAM177 and PAM217. Some of the more popular watches are the Panerai Marina men\'s watch which has a titanium band and is of a reliable quality. It has a blue dial and a titanium bezel and follows the 6497 movement like the original ones. These fake ones have to go through a number of tests in order to satisfy the original quality so that the customers can safely buy them.

So buy yourself the original or its replica depending on your budget!

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