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SUMMARY: Hubert Barrère came to fame in 1996 by winning the famous Grand Prix de la Mode de Ville de Paris award. With a background in theatre costume design and known as a corset specialist, his designs tend to be of a more artistic design with a delightful marriage between the restricted and free flowing luxurious fabrics. His name became world famous in 2000 when he created the corset wedding dressing for Madonna. In addition to his solo work, Mr. Barrere has collaborated with other famous designers such as Emmanuel Ungaro, John Galliano, and Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, and Roberto Cavalli. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Wedding Gown Colours and Their Meanings

Author: Dianne Grover

It is said that each of these hues signify a certain state of mind, feeling and emotion. Try to consider these when you choose the colour of your dress. Listed below are wedding gown colours and their meanings.


Ivory and White

These hues are linked with goodness, purity, virginity, innocence and light. It is believed to be the hue of excellence. For the traditional brides, white dress will always be the way to go. It easily compliments most of the choices in bridesmaid dresses, groom\'s attire, and wedding flowers. However, in some eastern countries, white can represent mourning and death.



This represents a conservative, refined, traditional and rich personality. It gives a slight vintage feel yet gentle look to the one who uses it.



This portrays the image of love, innocence, freshness, good life and health, and a child-like personality. It is usually related to women and their feminineness. Pink gowns are also worn to add that flirtatious and playful personality.



It is dainty, ladylike, and a soft hue which normally appears in wedding ceremonies with traditional looking floral and cakes.



This hue represents peacefulness and calmness, and is usually linked with the colour of sea and water. It can also signify lifelong loyalty and security, life, purity, femininity, as well as stability.



It is vibrant, fun-loving and a fresh wedding hue that is popular among beach weddings, particularly in the tropics. It is usually paired up with chocolate brown or pink.



This hue can mean a lot of things such as strong emotions like excitement and passion, infatuation, love, strength, and energy. There are many different kinds of cultural-based weddings where red gowns are the most famous choice for brides. It is often paired with black or crisp white in classic patterns.



This is usually considered to be an eccentric choice for the bride and a bizarre colour. However, black wedding dresses have become a trend and can represent class, elegance, sexuality, power, depth, formality, wealth, mystery, sheer style, and sophistication. It also gives a graphic and clean look to the wedding itself.


Silver and Gray

A silver dress can represent sophistication, glamour and wealth but you are not flaunting it. As for gray gowns, it represents retro-informed, sleek, modern, and understated. Just recently, it has surpassed the champagne as one of the most in demand neutrals for weddings.



This reveals modern sensibility. It is common for it to be paired with non-traditional floral such as wheatgrass or green button mums. Bright or olive green hue which is combined with white and black looks very regal in a modern way.


These various wedding gown colours can make or break your wedding gown. Before choosing one, consider the hue that best suites you and your personality for you to fully enjoy your wedding day.

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The writer is a wedding dresses in Orange County CA gown designer and a photographer too. He has been working with well known people who recommend his great works. A lot of the gowns he designs are mostly for weddings and red carpet events. Before the dress is worn to the event and be seen by the public, he always makes it a point to make a photo shoot, just for the gown. This way he can keep a memory of his creation which he considers as his own baby.