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SUMMARY: Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer launched their line in the fall of 2006 to provide clothing that is both luxurious and hip, particularly designed with younger women in mind. Their collections include day and eveningwear that comes in wide variety of contrasting fabrics and is contemporary and subtle enough to wear in nearly any formal atmosphere. The two designers also have a successful line called Velvet that offers contemporary T-shirts and other tops for both men and women that are designed to be flattering and well fit with simple tweaks on traditional T-shirt cuts. Links to search results for the brand are below:

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Know More About The Basics of EGL Diamonds

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There are many different ways to grade a diamond, but there are only a few grading systems that are reputable. If you are looking for a reputable grading system than an EGL certificate is your answer. Having an EGL certificate with your EGL diamonds will give you all the reassurance you need. Here is some additional information from The Jewelry Exchange about EGL diamonds and the benefits to having an EGL certificate.

What is an EGL Certificate

EGL stands for The European Gemological Laboratory and was founded in Belgium about thirty years ago. The EGL helps protect diamonds while they are being sold. An EGL certificate basically shows the buyer and the seller that the diamonds with an EGL certificate have been researched and graded in a very professional certifying practice.

EGL Diamonds

Usually, when you see an EGL diamonds you will know immediately that it is a diamond that is less than one carat. EGL is known for having diamonds that are less than one carat. You might be wondering how one would measure such a size of a diamond. Well, the measurement usually is measured with calibrated electronic scales. That way you can get the exact proportions and measurements recorded correctly and accurately. EGL is also known for taking new approaches with diamond grading. So if you are a buyer or a seller and you have been around the industry for a few years but haven\'t heard of a few things that EGL does, do not be worried because EGL does use new approaches.

Benefits to an EGL Certificate

Another great benefit to an EGL certificate is that you can be assured that the diamond has gone through many vigorous grading processes before the stone has been given the certificate. When an EGL diamond is being graded it goes through these processes or tests first: carat, color, clarity, polish and symmetry and fluorescence. Of course everyone is aware of the carat because that is the size of the diamonds and their proportions. Then you have the color, which is the color that you choose; and the clarity is determined by how many inclusions are in the diamond. Once you have the carat, color and clarity graded then you have the polish and symmetry.

The polish and symmetry grading of the EGL diamonds is exactly what it says. The polish and symmetry is based on the diamonds finish and cut. After the polish and symmetry you have the last and final grading which is the fluorescence. During the fluorescence grading the diamond is exposed to a long-wave ultraviolet radiation to see if the diamond has any fluorescence in it. These diamonds are known for their specific quality, grade, and luminance respective of a standard that has existed for years now.

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