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SUMMARY:I think I’ll be telling similar stories for all t-shirt brands in that there’s much potential with them for deep discounts. It’s the same for this label's apparel. This is another one of those hip brands with street cred that is not quite mainstream enough to have made it to eBay yet. Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla have the same prices but Bizrate/Shopzilla edges out Amazon in that their selection is slightly bigger. What’s fun about this brand is that the identity of the designer is somewhat of a mystery and up for speculation and there are some pretty interesting stories about how he got started. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Shopzilla/Bizrate- Eugene Montross



Why people purchase designer apparels through online shopping

Author: jessica smith

With the penetration of internet in all most all the cities of the world, online shopping has seen a tremendous growth over the last few years. Let us take some statistics about the online shopping data for the Indian customers. A research conducted by Google India and TNS India revealed that in India there was a growth of 128in 2012. The country ranks third when it comes to internet usage with total internet users of 151.6 million people which are equal to 12.6of the country\'s population.

The research also revealed some very interesting facts; most of the shoppers shifted from electronics to purchasing apparels and accessories thus bringing a change in the trend of online shopping, people mostly residing in non metropolitan cities contributed more to online shopping, mobile phones were mostly used to get access to the online websites. There are a number of factors that has been responsible for the rise in online shopping. Firstly, fast delivery of goods within a less period of time is responsible for the growth. Secondly, the cash on delivery option is a much convenient option for the customers. Thirdly, products are available at a discounted price than the current market price. Fourthly, in case of faulty goods there is a cash back guarantee also.

Branded Stocklots can be found in abundant numbers in the online stores. These stocklots are often sold in bulk quantities. Purchasing them at bulk quantity will not only fetch you a lower price but you also get some apparels as freebies. One interesting thing about shopping online for clothes is that you have a variety of choices when it comes selecting either the design or the sizes.

The impact of social media on online shopping has been immense. It has given rise to another trend that is mouth to mouth advertising. The online retailers are today using many social media tools such as blogs in order to communicate to the customer about the launch of any new product to the customer. One example is creating a facebook page of that particular product. Since, the maximum population of the country is on these social networking websites they come to know about the product and in case they find it interesting they also share the same. In this way an online mouth to mouth advertising arises as more and more people become aware of the product. As a result they also end up purchasing the product.

Purchasing wholesale apparels is not a new thing among women. Most of the wholesale fashion clothing companies during summer season supply clothes in bulk quantities to retailers. The dresses are mostly made up of fringe designs. Sometimes, the companies also sell tiered skirts in various types of shades. It is said that people mostly like to wear branded clothes because there is a certain type of image is attached to it. It is also said that there is a certain quality factor that is attached to these types of clothes. For the youngsters it\'s the uber factor that is attached to these clothes that they like to flaunt.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/clothing-articles/why-people-purchase-designer-apparels-through-online-shopping-6752822.html

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