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SUMMARY:I'm guessing that naming the brand with the numbers “291" must have thrown some retailers for a loop because the presence of this brand is somewhat uneven across the three websites on this page. What’s interesting is that you also do not see this brand much on eBay where you figure that there would be people hip enough to get the name. There are a few listings on eBay that seem to be for this brand but it’s a risk because you can’t be sure if it’s for this brand or if it is their stock number. The safe bet here is to go with Bizrate/Shopzilla, which has a good selection where it’s clearly this brand. If you cannot find what you want listed on eBay, go to one of their listed stores to see if there’s a greater selection there.

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Dressing for Success: Outshine Any Expectation Part 2

Author: John Booths

If you\'re raking in the dough CEO-style, you may have the means to relish in a Rolex collection. Until then, overdoing it with runway-worthy briefcases isn\'t going to fool anyone. Knowing that, the additional tips available in Part 2 will remind you that you\'ve an array of options to choose from when it comes to selecting accessories that will attract the kind of attention that propels your career without underscoring your competence and professionalism.

-Make sure those pearly whites are shining bright

One of the major elements of your appearance that is a dead giveaway (even if in the form of a sub-consciously noted tip-off) to the nature of your status and professional potential is how secure you are in your smile. Project a goal-oriented image by whitening your teeth through your method of choice. If specialty procedures are unattainable at this time, try whitening strips or a toothpaste that guarantees gleaming satisfaction.

-Accessorize in a way that doesn\'t say 'Wacky Wednesday'

Don\'t let festive accessories detract from your abilities. Star Wars enthusiasm is never inappropriate, unless it bogs down the surface of a necktie. In the same vein, glitter eyeliner can serve you well in the evenings, but not so much in the workplace. Best-case scenario: your overkill attire will lend you the opportunity to be considered eccentric, but never taken seriously.

-Renew with NeriumAD

Applying NeriumAD in the evenings will rejuvenate your skin over time, revealing your natural radiance, and equip you to present your best self in any AM scenario- not just amidst office antics. Using NeriumAD nightly will assist in banishing the signs of premature aging, resulting in brighter, more youthful looking skin and an overall appearance that will instill confidence amongst onlookers and more importantly, within yourself.

Using the natural power of Nerium oleander extract, you can transform the appearance of your skin without any needles or scalpels. Just apply NeriumAD every night, and let this revolutionary product do its work. 

Regardless of the number of zeros that suffix each of our salaries, none of us can afford to put ourselves at an easily thwarted disadvantage in the workplace. Integrate the tips available in Part 1 and 2 of Dressing for Success in order to coddle your career and strut with confidence. Remember, you are only as upward-bound as your appearance implies. Cinch up your skills accordingly, display them in a package that pleases, and exhibit both your outer and inner qualities with a savviness that will speak volumes on your road to success.

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About the Author

John Booths is a fitness and body image consultant who works predominantly with women over 40 who want to stay fit and look young. He writes about skincare with a focus on  aging skincare, sharing tips, ideas case studies and new skin care products.

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